Equine Massage

I am a qualified practitioner of Relax HAO  Equine Massage.  This is a great way to support your horse if they have any stiffness or soreness, or just to help maintain their health and wellbeing.  

If you would like to know more, you can download this leaflet: Equine Massage

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You're doing wonderful work. I wish for all horses to meet someone like you who offer them a connection with no expectation.
Lindsay Howard-Dean

HorseWorld Trust, Bristol, UK

Wellbeing for Animals and their Carers

​My vision is to support animals and their owners / carers

to explore ways in which they can improve

their wellbeing and the sense of connection between them

"When both horse and person are

listening to, and understanding, each other,

they will work better together as a team.  

It goes beyond 'doing' and creates a deep connection

that is truly magical"

Robyn Harris

When I was growing up, my friends all lived some distance away and so our family dog became my best buddy.  She and I spent long hours together and she was always the one I turned to if I was unhappy.  I was also fortunate that my mother loved horses and arranged for me to have riding lessons. When our dog died, these horses became my new source of friendship and comfort.  This started my life-long love of animals, these gentle souls who offer so much for so little: an open ear, a huge heart and a non-judgemental presence and acceptance.

Part of my journey has also been creating a wildlife garden.  The times that I have spent there, surrounded by nature and observing the seasons, have taught me so much.

As a result I am now passionate about health and wellbeing for ourselves and our animals through a deeper connection with nature.

As you've probably noticed, my main passion is horses but I love working with animals of all shapes and sizes.  You can read more about this here:

Following an initial consultation we can work together to create a bespoke Wellbeing Package using a range of approaches including:

  • stress releasing techniques
  • nutrition and lifestyle advice
  • energy healing



​If you've never had a healing session before you might like to read my article

What happens in an equine healing session and how does it work?

"When people hear what I do, they often say,

'Oh, so you're a 'horse whisperer' then?'

but to me it's more about listening..."

Robyn Harris

This is a short video, from YouTube, of Margrit Coates, the well known animal healer and communicator, working with a horse called Essy:

Healing is a very good complementary therapy and is beneficial in any situation, however you should always seek veterinary advice if your horse is unwell in any way, or if their behaviour changes for an unknown reason.

"When horse and human are in harmony

the whole is so much more than the sum of the parts"

Robyn Harris

Robyn and I have been to Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary together to help the dogs and cats there so I have seen her in action!  She shows compassion, empathy and sensitivity to the energy and needs of the animals, offering support and constructive suggestions to the animal guardians.
Alison Saunders

Robyn has been a fantastic help for HorseWorld volunteering her time and expertise on regular occasions. She is always professional and very ethical in her views. She has performed some wonderful healing with a wide range of equines here at HorseWorld including some very traumatised and nervous individuals who seem to flourish after her visits.

Thank you Robyn for your kind and gentle manner. 
Miracle performed on Flash and Milo.
Vicki Best for
Flash and Milo

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