If so, I can help. 

I specialise in supporting people and animals to reconnect with their unique inner nature, and the Nature all around them, in order to achieve greater balance, wellbeing and 'flow' in their lives.  

Together we can explore the issues that are holding you back or keeping you stuck in patterns that no longer serve you.  We can then look at how you can reconnect with the things that uplift you, revitalise you and 'make your heart sing'.   (Click
here to learn more about my journey and to see what to expect when working with me.)

Also, if you share your life with an animal who is experiencing health or behavioural issues, we can look at ways to release any tensions that are keeping them from the full and happy life that you would want them to enjoy.  (You can find a selection of case studies on
this page.)  

Using the lessons I've learnt from horses and Nature,
I help people and animals to de-stress
and create lives of greater balance and wellbeing​,
so that they can reconnect with their joy
and live life to its fullest.

You can hear more about my work in these videos:

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I am fully insured

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and DBS checked.

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Are you experiencing: 

  • stress or overwhelm?

  • anxiety and depression?  

  • exhaustion and fatigue?

  • a lack of energy? 

  • feelings of being lost or stuck?

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EQUENERGY (pronounced ekwenergy) ​

comes from the fusion of

equilibrium and energy

"Only by being in harmony with our inner nature

can we fully experience balancewellbeing and flow.

This is true, both for ourselves,

and for the animals in our lives​."

Do you care for an animal:

  • who is showing behavioural issues?
  • who has had a recent injury or illness?

  • who appears stressed or anxious?

  • who is experiencing health issues?

  • that you would like to bond with on an even deeper level?

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24 April 2019

Robyn is an excellent graduate of the

Diploma in Animal Healing and a contributor to the Healing Animals Organisation.

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