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Hello and welcome to
Equenergy: W·I·L·D Wellbeing!

My name is Robyn and I support passionate, deeply caring people to start falling in love with Who They Really Are, enabling them to rediscover their sense of clarity, energy and fun and create a life of greater freedom, wellbeing and joy – without getting swamped by overwhelm or feeling like it has to be hard work.

I hope these pages can begin to answer some of the questions that have brought you here, but if not, please get in touch.

Are you experiencing a chronic health condition?
Have doctors told you that all they can do is help you manage this condition?

Are you longing for something more:
– a deeper understanding of what’s happening in your body
– and a knowledge of how best to support yourself?

Our bodies have amazing capacity to heal
it’s just that sometimes they’re holding on to traumas from our past
which have created beliefs that hold us stuck
and get in the way of these healing processes.

But it’s possible to uncover these unhelpful beliefs and,
using a range of energy-based approaches,
to enable the body to process and release them,
allowing our healing systems to operate more effectively.

Through this process we come to understand ourselves on a much deeper level,
develop greater self-compassion,
and learn how we can begin to set ourselves free from baggage of the past.

It’s not about waving a magic wand.
This is something infinitely better
that will enable you to develop tools you’ll then have in your toolkit forever.

It’s an adventure and a whole new way of looking at your life
and you get to feel happier and healthier day by day.

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background of bluebells in a beech wood with the words:
Living the WILD Way
Then explains that WILD stands for:
Wonder - embracing the joy of wonder
Intuition - following your inner wisdom
Love - loving yourself, just as you are
Dance - learning to dance with Life

The way Robyn’s horses looked into my eyes, engaged with me and dived straight down into my soul and heart was incredible. It felt to me like a divine moment; a miracle, such a gentle experience but like a re-birth “

Cherry Carter

As part of my commitment to being a ‘Net Zero‘ company, I’m changing
from paper business cards to this electronic alternative.
You can download a copy (with clickable links) here.

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