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A friend came back for a visit

Something lovely happened the other day!  Someone who’d visited a while ago came back again, and stayed for a few hours.  I’d really liked her when she came before so it was lovely to see her again and to spend more time in her energy.

Initially I didn’t realise it was her so I barked loudly, but as soon as I saw who it was I just felt happy!  I gave her a respectful, but warm, welcome, to let her know that I remembered her and was very happy to see her again.

She and Robyn went out to the cabin and spent the morning there talking.  For about half of the time I stayed with them, feeling into the energy in the room.  They were obviously discussing things quite seriously, but the atmosphere felt easy, light and slightly ‘tingly’.  It was really nice 😊

Robyn had put some tasty treats in my kong for me, so I brought that in to lick while I lay quietly on the rug.  A couple of times I also went over to this friend to be closer to her.  I like to do this with people I feel safe with.

After a while I felt like stretching my legs so I went outside and spent some time in the garden.  All in all it was a lovely way to pass the morning!

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