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A nice quiet day

After my adventures yesterday it was good to find that my paw felt much better by the evening and this morning it’s pretty much back to normal.  I tried to convince Robyn that I was fit to go with her to the fields this morning but she advised me to stay in the house and garden and just to take it easy for the day.

But at least it means that I don’t have to go to the vets!  Phew!!  I really don’t want to go there – ever – and to be honest, I’m not keen to go in a car at all.  Tim tried to encourage me to get into his car the other day but I was afraid!  Car journeys lead to change and while the last one brought me here, which seems to be working out ok, others have been to take me to the vet, or to take me away from my previous pack and home.

This morning I was busy trying to tell the hoomans that there was a bird in the area with the fence around it, that’s covered with netting.  Robyn just thought I was playing my sniffing/hunting game and Tim tried to tell me that there was nothing in there, but then when he opened the gate to let me in so that I could see there was nothing there, I showed him that there was a little wren!  She couldn’t get out because of the net, but Tim set her free.

For most of the day I just mooched around, resting.  Sometimes I would lie in the sun briefly, then I’d go and find some shade. 

There were a couple of men who came to the house, one who put some bottles by the gate and one who brought some parcels.  Without me I don’t think Tim or Robyn would have noticed these intruders!  How on earth did they manage before I arrived?!  Perhaps that’s why they have brought me to join their pack…

We went up to the horses again this afternoon.  It was great to be able to run around in all that space!  From the house we cross the yard, past the barn and through the wooden gate, into an area of grassland, bracken, gorse bushes and trees.  There are so many different plants and a great number of creatures too – I’ve seen butterflies, bees, lots of different birds and squirrels.  Yesterday I startled a squirrel which ran up one of the oak trees, its claws scratching on the bark, and today as I was coming back down from the fields a huge buzzard took off and flew away, down towards the valley.  I’ve also smelt the scent of small rodents, amphibians and reptiles among the grasses, mole hills and ant mounds.  There are other animals too, bigger ones, but I haven’t seen them yet.  I think I’m glad of that coz it might be just like meeting another dog…

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