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A visitor!

Today I had another new experience – something that hadn’t happened since I moved here – they had a visitor! 

I got the impression that this was an unexpected, and yet welcome, experience. 

It started out as a bit of a buzz and excitement in the air.  I didn’t know what it meant, but it felt positive so I waited to see what would happen.

Then I heard something outside, behind the big hedge.  The hedge is so tall that I couldn’t see what was making the noise, but I barked to let the hoomans know that something was out there. 

It was a bit odd, coz they seemed happy for me to tell them about this strange thing outside, but then seemed to want me to ignore it!  I thought it would be important to guard our pack space and to keep it safe from intruders…

Then someone appeared at the gate and Robyn went out to meet her, but left me in the house.  The 2 of them walked back down the path and came in through the front door.  My excitement levels were quite high but I felt more confident with Robyn there, particularly as she seemed happy to see this person, but I still needed to check out the newcomer for myself.

Her energy was lovely and calm, which greatly reassured me.  She didn’t seem to need to pay me any attention which really helped me to feel safe!  She was no threat to me, or to our space here.

They sat outside in the sunshine and I checked in now and again and found that all was still well.  We then walked round the land as it appeared that it was this person’s first visit.

It felt good to spend time with them and to feel this relaxed and happy energy with no pressures, knowing that I was free to come and go and could have my own space if I needed it, or the reassurance of seeing that all was well.

New things have been a challenge for me, particularly since my life took this new turn and it seemed that everything was strange and unknown.  It feels nice now to be able to start to see a routine and feel that I have some structure with familiar things and faces.  This helps me to cope with some new things – if they’re introduced slowly, gently and one at a time, and if I can get to see that they’re safe, at a pace that feels comfortable for me.

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