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All change again!

There’s definitely something happening today!

This morning, when the staff came in to let me out of my kennel and then give me my breakfast, I could tell that something was up!  I could just feel it!  The energy was different.  There was a charge in the air.  My skin was prickling and my stomach was all tight and wobbly.

Then in the middle of the day a member of staff came in and put my muzzle on.  They never do this – except when I have to see the vet…  They put me in a car and 2 of them got in with me and we set off.  I was feeling really nervous, wondering where they were taking me… Was it the vet?  But then I realised that this journey was much longer.  I settled down to wait, though I was still feeling on edge.

Eventually we turned off the straight roads and started to drive more slowly up a windy lane.  The girls seemed to be a little unsure of where to go, but then, after talking into another of their talkie things they seemed more certain and shortly we pulled in to a small area surrounded by high hedges.

They let me out of the car and took me, on the lead, through a gate and down to a small white cottage – and there was the man hooman who’d been to visit me at the Centre!  It was so good to see a familiar face at the end of such a long drive!  But I still didn’t understand what was going on.

They took me all round the cottage and the other buildings – SO many smells to explore!!  There’s so much space here, and lots of big trees – all a bit mind-blowing really!

We then went into the house and the hoomans talked.  They let me off the lead and I checked out all the rooms – 3 downstairs and 2 upstairs. 

The staff went to the car and got my crate, bringing it in to the house!  What does this mean?  Are we staying here for a few hours?  Is this a new kind of meeting with these new hoomans?

Then the woman hooman appeared.  She said hello to me and then sat down with the others and they all did more talking… There’s definitely something going on here!  I’ve had this strange feeling for days… that things were going to change, that I’d be moving again, that it would be a big change but that maybe it would all work out ok.  I’m not sure where this feeling’s come from, so I’m not sure if I can trust it, but it’s like a voice inside me, somehow quieter than words, and yet it’s there…

When I’ve been with this couple, there’s been a sense of… something… a connection perhaps, feeling wanted, some kind of inner magnetism pulling me in.  Inside I feel torn – nervous to trust, and yet wanting…

After a while the staff who’d come with me seemed to finish their chat.  They handed over a big yellow bag, with leads and food, toys and some other stuff.  The man hooman put a lead on me and took me into another room.  I’ve noticed that I like the windows here – they’re at just the right height for me to look out of.  But this time, looking out, I caught sight of the 2 staff members going out of the gate back to the car! 

What’s going on?!  What about me?  Am I not going back with you??

But then the hoomans took me outside and the man threw the ball for me and it felt good!  I ran for balls for a while, then sat in the shade, then played ball again, then sat in the shade some more. Then they gave me my dinner – the same food that I used to have in the Centre which was nice.  It helped my stomach to feel the comfort of something familiar in the midst of all this change. 

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