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Amazing, uplifting ‘must-see’ film!

I recently went to see the amazing 2019 film 2040.

The film’s maker, Australian Damon Gameau, wanted to create a more positive image of what the world could be like for his then 4 year old daughter by the time she reached the age of 25.

He set a rule for himself that he could only create this vision using technologies that currently exist.

So he set of on his research journey, interviewing other young children from around the world along with scientists, farmers and entrepreneurs.
And this film is the result.

Damon felt that, to date, all the projections were full of pessimism, and so he wanted to create an alternative vision of hope and possibility.

And he succeeded!

Click here to find out more, and to create your own plan for how you can get involved and actively support this vision.

You can then download and share the logo below on your website, emails and social media to help spread the word and build the movement!

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