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5 reasons NOT to work with me

A humorous exploration of what you can expect when working with me.

7 Tips For Finding The Practitioner Who’s Right For You

Finding the practitioner – coach, therapist, mentor or whatever – who’s a good fit for you will make all the difference!

But there are so many out there!  How do you find the one who’s right for you?

Practising gratitude for health

We’ve come to realise that gratitude has a huge impact on our health. Learn how to use this fabulous tool to optimise your wellbeing.

A post for World Gratitude Day!

5 top gratitude tips for wellbeing. Simple steps to help you build an uplifting and sustainable gratitude practice.

Something huge to celebrate!

I wanted to share something really big with you! Something huge that’s happened since I last posted here. So The big thing that happened is… Drum roll please…….. Nothing! So bear with me on this 😊 In the month or so before I came to live here, there was so much change and I felt…
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Hot! Hot! HOT!

What’s the weather like where you are at the moment?  Here in my new home it’s VERY hot!  And having a fairly thick, mostly black coat just makes it seem even hotter! Don’t get me wrong, I like a bit of sunshine and being outdoors, but even so, 5 minutes at the moment is enough…
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5 week questionnaire

What do you like most about your new home? Being able to run in the fieldsInvestigating all the wonderful smellsThe balls, rope toy and treatsplaywalks and exploringbeing told I’m a ‘Good girl’ What do you like least about your new home? The change of moving to a new place where I don’t know the communication…
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Why I believe forgiveness often needs to start with forgiving ourselves

Forgiveness is such an important step for our wellbeing, but often we forget about truly and deeply forgiving ourselves.

A friend came back for a visit

Something lovely happened the other day!  Someone who’d visited a while ago came back again, and stayed for a few hours.  I’d really liked her when she came before so it was lovely to see her again and to spend more time in her energy. Initially I didn’t realise it was her so I barked…
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Settling and learning together

Over the last few days, things have generally felt a good bit calmer.  There are still moments when I feel jumpy and anxious but there are fewer of these now, and the times in between are longer and more settled. Initially it felt like being in a foreign country where I didn’t understand the language,…
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