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Suggestions and Tips
Nature Blogs
A Little of my Story
Pandemic of Fear
Whatever You’re Feeling
Time of Pause
Support our own Wellbeing
Saying Goodbye

My blog posts from January 2020 onwards can be seen below.
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Suggestions and Tips

Dealing with trauma, anxiety and even every day stressers has a massive impact on our wellbeing. With this in mind, I have written various blogs sharing tips and tricks to help you and your animal friends begin living life on the W·I·L·D Side.

Nature Blogs

Connecting in with Nature, and exploring the wisdom she shares, with us is at the very core of Equenergy



A little of my story

Personal, true and close to home. Allow me to open up with you, and share some of my story.

Why the pandemic of fear is at least as worrying as Coronavirus itself.

As you know, we live in challenging times. The recent coronavirus pandemic was on a scale unseen in living memory. With this in mind, I exploring how the fear this generated has impacted our wellbeing.

Whatever You’re Feeling Right Now, it’s OK

Don’t worry if you seem to be swinging from one emotion to the next at the moment. There are so many unanswered questions and so much uncertainty right now that feeling like this is perfectly normal.

Making the most of this time of Pause

Written during the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown, I explored the impact of suddenly having so much time on our hands, with no period of adjustment. It was almost like that sensation of jumping off a spinning roundabout!

How best to support our own wellbeing, both now, and going forward

One of the things that I’m finding most concerning at this time is that we seem to be so focused on fear and the things not to do, rather than things we can do to take care of ourselves and our wellbeing.

Saying Goodbye

This is one of the hardest pieces I’ve ever written, and yet I want to reach out to anyone who might find themselves in the same position, to say that although you probably feel very alone at the moment, please know that there are others out there who care.