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Book updates

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✨ Exciting News Alert! ✨

After a decade of passionate dedication to wellbeing, a milestone 10-year business anniversary, the prestigious Registered Trademark for my ‘W·I·L·D‘ acronym, completing Gabor Maté’s transformative Compassionate Inquiry course, and navigating an updated re-accreditation in Meta Consciousness®, the universe whispered, “It’s time to write a book!

Having brushed this aside for years, the idea finally took root and blossomed into a realisation. The stars aligned, and the timing feels just right to embark on this literary journey.

Stay tuned for the upcoming chapters of inspiration, wisdom, and wellbeing magic!

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So, what’s the book about?

I’ll be sharing my transformative journey from feeling worthless, unattractive, undeserving, never good enough, diminished, unwanted, and unlovable, to knowing these were simply feelings – they didn’t define Who I Really Am.

I used to react based on beliefs, shaped by early experiences and conditioning, which held me back, causing me to close off parts of myself. Recognising that these beliefs were no longer serving me, I started setting them aside and stepping into the richness of my True Nature.

I discovered my feelings and symptoms didn’t need to be obstacles, and in fact they held profound wisdom on my healing journey, leading me back to wellbeing and a deeper sense of comfort within my own skin.

My body wasn’t malfunctioning, attacking me, betraying me, or letting me down – and it’s far from ugly. In reality, it’s an incredible, intelligent bio-logical marvel that performs countless wonderful feats for me every single day!

This journey has been about shedding the old to embrace the new, unveiling the beauty that was always there but temporarily overshadowed.

And, of course, I’ll be unraveling the magic behind ‘W·I·L·D®‘, where it comes from, what it stands for, and, most importantly, how we can harness its power to nurture our wellbeing and truly thrive, finding joy in every step of our Life’s dance!

A Glimpse into the Process

My editor – AnnMarie Reynolds from begin a book – and I have now wrapped up the second edit and the pieces of the manuscript are coming together, shaping the book’s form. The next steps involve diving into the layout, conjuring up the cover, and adding those finishing touches.

The journey, while challenging, has been incredibly rewarding. AnnMarie has been a guiding light, skillfully catching moments where I might not be digging deeply enough or expressing myself clearly. Her support has been invaluable, knowing that she’s committed to making this book the absolute best it can be.

The whole process is a rollercoaster of excitement, exhaustion and demands, occasionally leaving me feeling exposed and vulnerable. Yet AnnMarie’s continuous feedback and encouragement are my driving force, pushing me forward. It’s a testament to the belief that sharing my story has a valid and valuable purpose – to offer hope and support to those who find themselves in a similar place of illness, loneliness, and hopelessness.

It’s a reminder that there is a path to a happier, healthier, and more joy-filled life. Back then, I didn’t believe it. Still, here I am, not just believing in it, but writing a book about it! 😄

New Year, New Beginnings: Save the Date for the Book Release in March 2024!

I’d like to start by expressing my gratitude for the incredible support and enthusiasm surrounding the release of my book. Your excitement means the world to me, and I’m truly grateful for your presence on this adventure.

The process is currently taking a brief detour on its path. It’s like a dance, isn’t it? Sometimes the rhythm changes, and we find new steps to navigate. Consequently the release will now be happening a little later than initially planned – hopefully by mid March – but remember you can stay up to date here.

I want to assure you this decision wasn’t made lightly. I’m striving to create a richer experience for you, my valued readers. I’ve delved deeper into the heart of the content, adding layers of insight and wisdom that I believe will make our collective journey even more meaningful.

In the meantime, let me tell you about some of the magic happening behind the scenes! Working with my incredible editor, AnnMarie Reynolds of, has been an absolute joy. Her keen insight and commitment to the essence of the W·I·L·D® journey have truly elevated the book. Together, we’ve delved into the heart of each concept, ensuring that the words Dance off the page and resonate with the Wonder, Intuition, and Love we hold dear.

Creating the cover

We’re currently working on the exciting job of creating the cover.  It’s going to be more than just an introduction; it’s a visual invitation to embark on this journey. The vibrant colours, the subtle dance of elements, and the whispers of discovery – all carefully crafted to captivate and resonate with the soul. I can’t wait for you to see and feel the magic we’ve poured into every detail!

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. Together, we’re creating something truly special, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

And, if you sign up below, you’ll stay in the loop for pre-order details and be the first to know about any exciting launch events I have in store. Whether you prefer face-to-face or online engagements, I’ve got you covered.

Let’s make 2024 a year of wisdom, growth, and healing. Join me on this exciting journey!

And the title?

I’m thrilled to announce the book will be called: Take a Walk on the W·I·L·D® Side (ISBN: 978-1-915353-14-6).

Get ready for a transformative journey that explores the dance of healing and joy. Stay tuned for more updates, pre-order details, and launch events! Let’s embark on this W·I·L·D® adventure together!

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