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Book updates

a book, lying open on a table, next to some pale pink tea roses and a cup of coffee

For years people have been telling me that I should write a book! For a long time I kinda laughed this off, but slowly it started to feel like more of a real possibility. Then this year, several things just seemed to come together:

  • reaching my 10 year business anniversary (on 20 June)
  • being awarded the Registered Trademark for my ‘W·I·L·D‘ acronym
  • completing Gabor Maté’s Compassionate Inquiry course
  • and currently going through an updated re-accreditation in Meta Consciousness®

And suddenly the timing just somehow felt ‘right’.

So, what’s the book about?

I’ll be sharing my story, of how I went from being someone who felt:

  • useless
  • ugly
  • unworthy
  • not good enough
  • small
  • unwanted
  • unlovable

To being someone who knows that:

  • these are just feelings – they’re not Who I Really Am
  • I’d been responding from beliefs that I’d formed due to early experiences and conditioning which had limited me, causing me to shut down parts of myself, but that these beliefs were no longer serving me
  • I could begin to put these aside and step into the fullness of my True Nature
  • my feelings and symptoms actually hold rich wisdom that I can use to navigate my way back to wellbeing and a greater sense of comfort within my own skin
  • my body isn’t going wrong / attacking me / betraying me / letting me down – and it isn’t ugly – in fact it’s this most amazing, intelligent bio-logical system that does SO many wonderful things for me, every day!

I’ll also be sharing where ‘W·I·L·D®‘ comes from, what it stands for, and how we can use it to support our wellbeing and to enable us to truly thrive and in-joy Life!

What stage is the book at right now?

So far, I’ve written the first draft and submitted it to my editor – AnnMarie Reynolds of Begin-a-Book Writing Services – who’s been working through the first edit. This has been quite challenging, as AnnMarie is doing a fabulous job of catching me when I’m not going deep enough, or not being clear enough. I feel so supported knowing that she is working hard to help me make this book the best it can be.

It’s exciting, exhausting, demanding while also at times feeling like having a plaster ripped off my skin leaving me feeling naked and vulnerable.

But AnnMarie’s constant feedback and encouragement motivates me to keep going, believing that there is a valid and valuable purpose to sharing my story – that it can help others who find themselves where I was: ill, lonely, unhappy and hope-less.

There is a way to create a much happier, healthier, free-er, joy-filled life! And YOU can get there. It really is possible.

Back then, I didn’t believe it – but then I never believed I’d be writing a book either 😄

I recently went back to Ireland for a long weekend and while I was there I collected some photos which might make it into the book – potentially embarrassing images alert! 😄

We finished this first edit on 14 September and now AnnMarie is collating all the chapters into one document and working on the second edit. There should be a lot less work to do in this second pass because most of the structural and content issues will have been picked up during the first edit.

Once the second edit is complete AnnMarie will start putting it into book form and it will begin to take shape and feel more real. This is also the time when we can begin firming up a publication date and looking at all the fun parts of the process, like designing the cover 😀

And the title of my book?

I can now confirm that it’s called ‘Taking a walk on the W·I·L·D® side‘. ISBN: 978-1-915353-14-6

If you’d like to be kept informed regarding the release date – which will hopefully be some time this autumn – and any launch event(s), just enter your details below: