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You're doing wonderful work. I wish for all horses to meet someone like you who offer them a connection with no expectation.
Lindsay Howard-Dean

Thank you Robyn for your kind and gentle manner. 
Miracle performed on Flash and Milo.
Vicki Best forFlash and Milo

I would just like to say thank you so much for sharing your time and expertise
creating my META-Health report. 
Following an amazing energy healing session with you I was very keen to learn
about META-Health as well, I sent you quite a vague list of previous issues and
illnesses and you were able to put together a detailed report that was really
fascinating. I never realised that everything could be linked together and I'm
blown away by what you told me and how it connects with the emotional side
of my life. 
You also gave some great tips and advice on how to rectify some of these issues,
I am so grateful for this Robyn, its helped me to understand a lot things about myself!
I highly recommend everyone has a META-Health check with you!  You are amazing!
Thanks again 

    Helen Pinkett

"When people hear what I do, they often say,
'Oh, so you're a 'horse whisperer' then?'
but to me it's more about listening..."
Robyn Harris

"When horse and human are in harmony 
the whole is so much more
than the sum of the parts"
Robyn Harris

* The complementary therapies  I use are very beneficial in any situation, however you   

   should always seek medical advice if your or your animal is unwell in any way, or if  

   their behaviour changes for an unknown reason.​

* Please be aware that I do not

  • diagnose illnesses

  • prescribe medication

  • promise any particular outcome or cure

  Case Studies and Feedback​​

You can read some examples of people that I've worked with here

I feel privileged to have met Robyn and been her client.
I had recently stopped smoking and was generally
feeling at a low ebb, drained emotionally and physically.  
Robyn's healing in those four sessions helped me so much
to restore emotional and physical confidence.
During and after each cathartic session, I was left with
an inner glowing feeling of self worth.
Thank you so much Robyn for all that you did.  
I recommend Robyn wholeheartedly.

Geraldine McNamara 

"Making time for the 'little things', like play, rest and fun,
is so important for wellbeing."
Robyn Harris


"Find what 'makes your heart sing' and include more of that in your life"
Robyn Harris

                                            Work with Robyn this far has centred around a general re-balancing, 
                                            and has been hugely fulfilling and successful for me. It is quite amazing
                                            what Robyn can tell about my body and my experience of her work 
                                            through what she does .... As well as doing such incredible healing Robyn 
                                            is also a wonderful person, and knowledgeable in her work. 
                             Katherine Jennings 

"Your heart knows what is right for you.
It knows your purpose.
Relax and let it guide you.
Just let go and enjoy the adventure!"

Robyn Harris

For a selection of animal case studies, please click here

"When both horse and person are 
listening to, and understanding, each other, 
they will work better together as a team.  
It goes beyond 'doing' and creates a deep connection 
that is truly magical"

Robyn Harris


      "The essential joy of being with horses
is that they bring you into contact with the rare elements
of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom"
Sharon Ralls Lemon