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Are you a wellbeing practitioner facing a challenge with a client?

Feeling a bit stuck despite your vast knowledge and skills?

Well, that’s where I can help!

By analyzing the client’s emotional history, medical details, and stress factors through the lens of Nature’s 5 Bio-logical Laws I can help pinpoint underlying issues for you and your client to address together.

To proceed, simply provide the following details from your client:

  • their personal Timeline: a comprehensive history of significant emotional events, both positive and negative, spanning their entire life.
  • their Medical History: include information on:
    • symptoms they’re currently experiencing
    • past operations
    • current and past medications
    • previous treatments or interventions and their outcomes
    • current stress levels: describe their existing stress levels along with factors contributing to it.

Once I receive this information, I’ll conduct my analysis. Subsequently, the three of us— you, your client, and I— will convene for me to share my findings.

The client remains solely under your care.

My role is simply to assist you in offering the best support possible.


Basic consultation package:
  • analysis
  • feedback meeting of up to 3 hours in length to report back my findings and to answer any questions
  • video recording of the session
  • the option of a follow-up call to answer any further questions


Consultation plus package:
  • all of the above
  • plus a written report, detailing my findings


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