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image shows a Meta Consciousness report lying on a desk next to a cup of tea and a pair of glasses.  There's a pen resting on top of the report

Are you a wellbeing practitioner?

Are you feeling a little stuck right now?
You have all this knowledge, and amazing skills, but something with a particular client is proving challenging and difficult to shift…

Would you value a fresh pair of eyes to bring in a new perspective and new insights?

Well, that’s where I can help!

I use a tool called Meta Consciousness® which enables me to analyse symptoms in a very precise way in order to pinpoint the underlying issues allowing you to address them in a very direct way, using all your wonderful knowledge and skills to best effect.

All it requires is for you to send me the following information from the client:

  • their timeline – a history of all the significant emotional events in their life, going back as far as they can remember – both the ups and the downs
  • a brief medical history giving details of:
    • any symptoms they’re experiencing
    • any operations they’ve had
    • any medication they’re taking / have taken
    • any treatments / interventions they’ve already tried and how successful – or otherwise – these have been
    • their current stress levels and contributing factors

On receipt of this information, I carry out my analysis and then the 3 of us would meet – you, your client and I – for me to feedback my findings.

Throughout the process the client remains your client.

My role is purely to assist you in supporting them.


Basic consultation package:
  • analysis
  • feedback meeting of up to 3 hours in length to report back my findings and to answer any questions
  • video recording of the session
  • the option of a follow-up call to answer any further questions


Consultation plus package:
  • all of the above
  • plus a written report, detailing my findings


If you’d like to know more, let’s have a chat.
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