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Create your own W·I·L·D® wellbeing learning programme

Create your own tailor-made, Nature-informed,
self-care programme

Preparing the Ground

Sowing the Seeds

Nurturing the Shoots

Below I’ve outlined a list of modules, from which you can pick and choose to create your own, individualised W·I·L·D Wellbeing Programme.

If the field of self-care and wellbeing is still quite new to you, or if you would like to refresh your perspective and create a new paradigm, then I strongly recommend starting with all, or at least some, of the modules in the first section (Preparing the ground).

If you’ve been exploring this subject for a while now, you might feel comfortable jumping straight to the later sections (Sowing the Seeds / Nurturing the Shoots).

And if you’re a practitioner and would like to add some further tools to your support toolkit, take a look at the last section, Nurturing the Shoots

Each module is individually priced, however:

  • if you select the whole of the first section you get 8 modules for the price of 6

  • for every 5 modules booked you get the cheapest one free

Preparing the ground and creating the environment that will allow you to thrive:

  • ‘Radical Remission’
    • Exploring the 9 features found to be common among those who’ve achieved deep transformation in their wellbeing so that you too can begin to put these into practice and experience their effects.
      full price will be £30 (beta price – £20)
  • Time and space just for you
    • An exploration of self-care, looking at some myths around this, why it’s actually such a valuable investment in our wellbeing, and some tools, tips and techniques that you can take away and put into practice today!
      full price will be £30 (beta price – £20)
  • What nature can teach us about wellbeing
    • In our lives today it can be easy to forget that we are a part of Nature.  Humans are simply another species of animal and we have evolved within a particular habitat, and even though we now often live in houses and work in offices, we still benefit from drawing on Nature and all the wisdom that she has to share with us.  This module will help you to see this from a new and engaging perspective, helping you to understand the valuable, even essential, role that Nature plays in our wellbeing.
      full price will be £30 (beta price – £20)
  • 5 quick wellbeing tips
    • A look at 5 simple practice that you can put into place to start experiencing real changes in how you feel, helping you to start creating a live of greater physical and mental wellbeing.
      full price will be £30 (beta price – £20)
  • Living the W·I·L·D® Way
    • This is a simple guide to the 4-pillars of Equenergy which offer a process to start changing your perspective and your experience, helping you to feel better and to make the choices that are right for you as an individual.
      full price will be £30 (beta price – £20)
  • Developing a practice of Gratitude for wellbeing
    • You might have heard of positive thinking or keeping a gratitude diary to support your wellbeing.  Here we explore the benefits – and pitfalls – of both and how you can bring them into your practice in a supportive, uplifting and sustainable way.
      full price will be £30 (beta price – £20)
  • 5 everyday tips for wellbeing
    • This module explores 5 simple principles you can adopt which will start to shift you into a greater sense of time and resource freedom, joy and wellbeing.  Stop feeling tired, stressed and overwhelmed and start to feel like you are the one in charge of your life again.
      full price will be £60 (beta price – £50)
  • The importance of sleep
    • Sleep is an absolute essential for wellbeing.  In this module we’ll look at the benefits it offers, things that can disturb your sleep, the impacts of insufficient sleep, and how to improve your ‘sleep hygiene’ so that you enjoy a more restful and restorative night.
      full price will be £60 (beta price – £50)

Preparing the Ground package

full price will be: £300 – package discount = £270

(beta price – £210 – package discount = £190)

Sowing the Seeds

  • Values, boundaries, anger and your immune system
    • Are you someone who struggles to say ‘No’?
      Have you been taught that ‘Nice people don’t get angry‘? 
      In fact, being able to maintain good boundaries and feel healthy anger play a vital role in our wellbeing.  On the other hand suppressing them is unhealthy and leads to dis-ease.  When we learn how to set and keep balanced boundaries, and understand the role of anger, we feel stronger, more grounded and more comfortable in our own skin.
      full price will be £30 (beta price – £20)
  • Your body isn’t making a ‘mistake’ – it’s just trying to give you information – COMING SOON
    • In our western way of looking at health we so often focus on symptoms and how we can reduce or remove these – but in fact our symptoms are valuable information!  They’re not the body going wrong or attacking itself, but simply it’s way of communicating with us and letting us know that it’s feeling ‘unsafe’ in some way.  When we learn how to read and interpret these signals, we can start to work with our body, creating a new and more supportive dialogue and meeting its needs in ways that allow it to thrive.
  • In-Joy Your Life!
    • This module is for passionate, deeply caring people who are looking for ways to rediscover their sense of clarity, energy and fun and create a life of greater freedom, wellbeing and joy – without getting swamped by overwhelm or feeling like it’s hard work.
      In short, it’s for those who would like to stop striving and start thriving.
      Touching on busy-ness v’s rest, nutrition and digestion, this module shares some great tools, tips and techniques to support you in learning how to work with your body in order to find a clearer sense of purpose and direction.
      full price will be £60 (beta price – £50)
  • From mindfulness to W·I·L·D®-ness – a look at the practice of mindfulness and how we can take it a step further
    • Mindfulness’ has become a common concept these days and many people are benefiting greatly from this practice, however I feel that we can go further… I believe we need to remember that we are more than just our mind: we are Mind, Body & Spirit
      The aim of this workshop is to help you to make the choices that best support you
      • get greater clarity on who you really are
      • step more fully into your ‘Soul Self
      • feel more empowered and purpose-full
      • bring a greater sense of meaning and direction into your life
    • This module is in 3 parts
      full price will be £150 (beta price – £120)
  • An exploration of anxiety and how we can deepen our self-care practice around this
    •  Fear of the unknown can greatly increase our sense of anxiety and so this module explores what’s going on in our body when we feel anxious and shares some tools, tips and techniques that you can use to support yourself when these feelings arise.
      Price tba

Nurturing the shoots

  • The impact of guilt and shame and how to reduce their power in our lives – COMING SOON
    • Sometimes we can use these 2 terms almost interchangeably, but they’re actually very different things.  Understanding this can give us greater self-awareness and support us in developing a clearer picture of how we’re feeling – and why – and how to best support ourselves when these emotions arise.
  • A deeper understanding of trauma – what it is and how it impacts on our wellbeing – COMING SOON
    • We often think of ‘trauma’ as being those big things in life, such as bereavement or a life altering accident, however there are many other kinds of ‘small’ and cumulative traumas that can have a huge impact on our wellbeing and our sense of our ability to function in everyday life. This module explores this in greater depth helping you to develop a greater self understanding, awareness and compassion to help you in reconnecting with your centre and feeling grounded, balanced and strong once more.
  • Becoming more trauma sensitive in your practice – COMING SOON
    • As mentioned above, there are many kinds of trauma, some of which are ‘invisible’ to those around us. Trauma is also a very subjective thing and so what might be a slight bump in the road to one person could be life-changing to another. When we know and understand the impacts of trauma we can be more compassionate and supportive, both towards ourselves and towards those we meet, either at work or in business. This module is for anyone who wants to explore trauma for themselves and/or for their clients / customers / friends / family.
  • Addiction and compulsive behaviours – we pretty much all have them on some level! – COMING SOON
    • We generally associate addiction with things like alcohol, cigarettes or gambling, and compulsive behaviours with conditions such as eating disorders and OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) but in fact most – if not all – of us have some level of this at work in our lives. For example: needing that first cup of coffee to get you going in the morning, engaging in ‘retail therapy’, or snacking on biscuits to get you through that afternoon slump.
      This module explores where these behaviours originate, why they’re so hard to give up, and what we can do to support ourselves if we’re feeling trapped and powerless in repeating, unhelpful behaviour patterns. It also touches on some tips for those with friends and family caught up in addiction.
  • Exploring loss and grieving
    • When someone suffers the loss of a person, animal or thing that was close to them they may experience a sense of grief or bereavement.  This is a very natural response when something we are attached to, disappears from our lives. 
      We often associate this feeling with the death of a loved one but it can also be experienced at other times, for example divorce, the loss of a job, or having to move away from a place that is familiar to you.  
      This module is for those who would like to explore the impact of loss in more depth, and to know how to support themselves or loved ones who might be experiencing this.
      Price tba
  • Understanding our physical responses to loss
    • We often think of grief as an emotional response to loss, but there is also a cognitive element, and a physical aspect too.  Here we’ll look at how our body might respond to loss – signs and symptoms to look out for, understanding that this is actually a normal part of the grieving process, while also exploring when to ask for help.
      Price tba