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Are you ready to start building
a wonderful, supportive self-care practice?

  • You dream of a life free from the misery of anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

  • To have a full and restful night’s sleep, not lying awake with your mind in overdrive, and then struggling through the day feeling exhausted.

  • You feel ‘tired but wired‘, unable to rest deeply, and stuck in a cycle of anxiety where everything feels overwhelming.
  • You would love to regain control of your life and to once again experience that sense of clarity, focus and vitality.

  • You long to be able to enjoy yourself again, and to take part in those activities that others take for granted.
  • You want to feel like yourself again, to have fun, and to look forward to things, rather than worrying about what might happen.

Join me on my FREE 3-day Facebook ‘Cwtch’
from Thursday 26 – Saturday 28 November,
to learn wonderful tools, tips and techniques
to support you in developing
a fabulous self-care practice that works for YOU!

In these 3 days I’ll be sharing information on what anxiety is, and where it comes from, to help ease some of the fear that comes from the unknown and the sense that things are out of your control.

I’ll also share tools, tips and techniques that you can use to enhance your self-care practice.  They will help you to reconnect with your body, understand the messages it’s sending you and respond in loving, compassionate and supportive ways.

Take your power back,
regain control,
and step out from under those feelings 
of anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

Learn how to build a self-care practice
that is adaptable and sustainable and that works for YOU!

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Hi, I’m Robyn Harris, creator of Equenergy: Wellbeing Naturally
and Soul Alignment Mentor to amazing, inspirational people
who are ready to step into the joy and freedom
of living a life that’s true to Who They Really Are.

I’m passionate about helping people to get back in touch
with Who They Really Are,
to understand, on a deeper level,
how their bodies interact with their inner and outer environment,
and how listening and responding to this can enable them
to move from stress, anxiety and overwhelm
into greater abundance, ease and flow.