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Equenergy’s Diversity Pledge

I aim to make my services user friendly to as many people as I can including – but not exclusively – those with any of the recognised protected characteristics.

I’m also fluent in British Sign Language and so I can connect and communicate directly with members of the Deaf community. Click on this link for further information: BSL services

Here at Equenergy the focus is less on ‘rights’ than on the fact that we are all living beings having more in common than we have differences – and that any differences we might find merely add to the wonderful colour and richness of our lives and so are to be welcomed and celebrated.

Yes, difference can raise challenges, but when they can be embraced with an open mind, curiosity and a willingness to explore our beliefs, biases, vulnerabilities and fears – and to courageously engage in those difficult conversations – then we can learn, grow and move forward together.

If you feel there’s anything I can do to make my services more inclusive and welcoming, I’d very much welcome your feedback so please get in touch.

Thank you 🙏

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