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Filtered water with less plastic!

I was recently introduced to this great idea from Phox.

Do you like to enjoy fresh, clear, filtered water?
It can make such a difference, not only to the taste but, as I also discovered, it removes the scum that I used to get on the top of my mug of tea, or when boiling brown rice.

So I started filtering my water.
But, as I became more aware of the environment, and avoiding using plastics, I was uncomfortable with the amount of waste involved with standard jug filtering systems.

So I was delighted to find Phox. Not only can I keep my old jug, as their cartridge is designed to fit (though if you need a new jug they provide these too) but I’ll no longer need to worry about throwing away another plastic container every 4 weeks.

To find out more – and enjoy a 25% discount – just click here.

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