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Mindfulness and Beyond

‘Mindfulness’ has become a common concept these days and many people are benefiting greatly from this practice, however I have always felt that we could go further…

I strongly feel that we need to bear in mind that we are more than just our mind: we are Mind, Body & Spirit.  Even these divisions are artificial and it’s not actually possible to draw a line separating one from the other. Also, each element contains aspects of the others within it.

For us to be more holistic and balanced, I believe that we need to consider this wider picture.

I prefer to think in terms of being ‘consciously aware of’, or even ‘consciously connected to’ the things around us.  By this I mean paying attention to all of our senses – spending less time focused on our ‘head-space’ and more time in touch with our body and feelings, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  We can also use the information that this gives us to create a life that is more supportive, and nurturing of our authentic Self. This then allows us to experience a greater sense of balance, alignment and freedom in the choices we make.

I call this ‘Beingfulness’ or ‘W·I·L·D®-ness‘.

Like so many valuable practices, it’s simple, and yet not always easy for us to do.  Often our minds are so busy with the many everyday demands of juggling our work and family lives that it can be a challenge to put that on hold and just ‘Be’, particularly if this is not something that we’re used to doing.  Like other habits, it must be practised in order to become established.  The more we practice getting into a state of Beingfulness, the easier it gets and the more readily we can reconnect with this feeling.

I’m love inspiring those who are ready for transformation to reconnect with their sense of joy, freedom and love of Life.  In order to do this effectively, we need to take the time to reconnect with the things that are important to us as individuals:

  • What are your goals / desires / passions?
  • What lights you up and brings you joy?
  • What values are closest to your heart?

So often we feel pressurised by expectations – either from others or ourselves – of how we ‘should’ behave and what we ‘ought’ to do – or not do.  We can also be restricted by limiting beliefs that we have absorbed, or that were created in moments of ‘trauma’.  These could be beliefs such as: I’m not good enough; I’ll never be able to do this; No-one will want to listen to me; I’m not smart / pretty / rich enough; and so on.

We can get so caught up in these expectations and beliefs that it can be difficult to answer the questions above.  We start to lose sight of our sense of ‘Me’ and the joy and wonder of Who We Really Are.  Sadly, this also means that we’re less able to share our unique and amazing gifts with those around us.

When we practice Beingfulness, this awareness gives us a deeper understanding of, and compassion for, ourselves.  It also helps us to develop a greater sense of clarity and perspective which builds our emotional resilience.

This supports us with challenges such as:

  • breaking the cycle of negative self-talk that can feed feelings of anxiety and depression
  • relieving stress 
  • reducing insomnia
  • releasing imposter syndrome
  • responding to dis-ease
  • breaking patterns of behaviour that are unhealthy, such as addictions and self-sabotage
  • creating a more balanced sense of perspective in times of overwhelm.

To help you in developing this practice of Beingfulness, I have created a new 2-part workshop entitled From Mindfulness to Beingfulness.  In these sessions we explore what I mean by this term, and how we can use it to develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and of how to support our wellbeing.

The workshop offers a safe and nurturing space to inspire you to greater holistic wellbeing through connection with the natural world around you and your own unique nature within you.

It is for those who:

  • are done with trying to fit in to please others
  • are ready to step into the joy and freedom of being their authentic self
  • want to live a life of balance, wellbeing, congruence and abundance.

I’m passionate about this because, years ago I was in a very low place and couldn’t find the support I was looking for.  In the end, I realised that I was the only one who could make things better, and that by taking ownership and accountability I would be developing great tools for my own personal growth.  Also, I could do it my way – and make it FUN! ????  Now I love sharing these techniques with others so that they too can find their way to a more fulfilling and happier life.

If you’d like to know more about this workshop, you can find further details on this page of my website.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment below, or contact me:

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