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Going Deeper

Robyn Harris in a session with a client

Building on the First Steps of your Transformational Journey, this programme allows you to go even deeper into understanding the relationship between your body, stress, dis-ease and wellbeing.

What you get

unfurling fern leaf, taken in woods near Equenergy: W·I·L·D Wellbeing
close up image of yellow flowers of birdsfoot trefoil taken at Equenergy: W·I·L·D Wellbeing
beech leaves beginning to turn yellow in autumn, taken at Equenergy: W·I·L·D Wellbeing
  • Tailored wellbeing sessions support your further clarity around what ‘Soul Self‘ means for you and how you can embrace this more and more fully every day.
  • Sessions will focus on:
    • further enhancing and deepening your self-care practice.
    • accountability – supporting you as you continue to learn, grow and begin to find your ‘wings’
    • reviewing your goals and refining the vision of the Life you want to live
    • diving in to find answers to your questions and challenges
    • exploring new layers that have been revealed as you start to release old stresses
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For every Going Deeper package sold I’ll be
donating £25 to – a local charity, based in Abergavenny, working towards planting 1,000,000 trees