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image shows 2 chairs at a conversational angle inside the cabin at Equenergy: W·I·L·D Wellbeing

Upcoming Guests!

I don’t currently have any further guests booked in, but if you’d like to be a guest, or you know someone who’d be a good fit, then just get in touch!

In the meantime, you can enjoy the videos from the 50+ wonderful guests who’ve joined me in the group
(see below)

I’ve been delighted to welcome some very wonderful guests to my W·I·L·D Wisdom Wellbeing group on Facebook.  Together we cover a wide range of subjects relating to wellbeing, nature, animals and making sustainable choices for our beautiful planet.

I thought it would be nice to share these chats here too, so that you can access them all in one place. If you prefer to listen, rather than watch, you can do this on my podcast.

To join me, Live, for future chats, just join us in the group.
And if you’d like to apply to be a guest yourself, or you know someone who might be a good fit, please get in touch.

Previous Guests

Chatting with Nuria Rodriguez of Nuria Nutrition about her passion for nutrition, the role of plants in this, and how particular plants can support wellbeing through peri-menopause and beyond.
Chatting with Margie Chavasse of NRG Nutrition about her work as a kinesiologist, with a specialism in dealing with parasites (did you know that we probably all have them?!) and about how muscle testing can support your wellbeing.
Chatting with Amy Oldfield of Body Theory by Amy about how women can work WITH their hormonal cycles to optimise wellbeing and weight loss.
(audio recording)
Chatting with Clare about her experience of Post Natal Depression, and what help is available for anyone experiencing this
Chatting with Emma Cronin-Preece of Blubel’s Specialist Breastfeeding Support to mark Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month.
Chatting with Lauren Chiren of
Women of a Certain Stage about how to successfully navigate menopause

Navigating the changes in our lives and how to ‘leave well’.  Nicola Shelley, Transitions Coach

 Helping menopausal women to love exercise by respecting their ever changing body. Ally Jones of  Ally Jones Lifestyle 

Marcus Ahmad, branding photographer and university lecturer, shares a reflective presentation entitled ‘In Plain Sight – A Photographic Metaphor

Chatting with Melissa Benitez of MB Holistic Botanicals about her work as a small batch Apothecary and her passion for the wonderful world of plant wisdom.

Chatting with Jan Baker of Aroma Oils Limited about how essential oils can support the body’s natural healing processes.

 Chatting with Rob Stewart of Sherpa Bear Coaching about talking with men, where they are, and how anxiety can be your superpower!

Chatting with Jane Gilbey of Natural Answer about how we can “reconnect our Soul and heart to the heart beat and Soul of the Earth”.

Chatting with Claire Bishop of Claire Victoria Photography about her philosophy of embracing simplicity and nature and learning to live consciously and love ourselves.

Chatting with Victoria Jones of Victoria Jones Wellbeing about the impact of stress on our hormones and how to best support our wellbeing.

Chatting with Caroline Peyton  of Peyton Principles about nutrition and the importance of gut health for our wellbeing.

Chatting with Jane Morris of Freedom and Ease about how she uses the Alexander Technique to help people reduce pain, maintain mobility AND reduce stress and tension!

Chatting with Nina Berezowski of Avenue B Coaching about relationships, healthier high performance in business, diversity and keeping cool in a heat wave!

Chatting with Judy Gowenlock of JG Nutritional Therapy about nurturing and nourishing ourselves through food, self-care and flower essences.

Chatting with Jacqui Ellis of Deep Connexions about how movement can help to unlock our capacity to learn and even to process trauma, enabling us to step even more fully into our deepest potential.

Chatting with Vicki Hill about her passion for women’s health and her holistic approach to helping them feel healthy, strong and happy.

Chatting with Aine Gallagher of Sana Vita Health about moving away from dieting and instead working with our bodies to help them find their natural rhythm, balance and weight.

Chatting with Kris Davies
of Savee Crafts and Stwff about how we can look after ourselves, our skin and the planet.

Chatting with Ruth McGrady,
Pet Portrait Artist, about her amazing work – well worth taking a look at her online gallery!

Chatting with Maria Newman of Mummy on a Break about forming good habits, managing our inner voice and how self-care is more than just an optional extra.

In a bit of a turn around, Nigel Streeter, a former guest on the show, offered me the opportunity to be a W·I·L·D Wisdom Wellbeing guest myself, and to share a little of my story!

Chatting with Beverley Jones of Awaken Coaching about stress and its long term effects, the importance of self-care and why keeping things simple and living in the now is the answer to reducing stress.

Chatting with Tracey Carter
of Succeed in Life about leadership, mindset and positive intelligence.

Chatting with Lesley Waldron of Wild Country Woman about perimenopause, nature and natural cycles and how we can use these to harness health.

Chatting with Nigel M Streeter of It’s Okay to Say about PTSD, wellbeing, emotional self-care, and ‘personal normal’s.

Chatting with Anna Easton of True Well-being about creating the right atmosphere to nurture a new culture in business and individually.

Chatting with Zuleika Briceño about regaining your metabolic balance through plant-based nutrition, juicing and detoxing strategies.
(Interpreted by Melissa Benitez)

Chatting with Sue Phillips of Sue Phillips Coaching about mindfulness, working in tune with the phases of the moon, and the influence of colour in our lives.

Chatting with Claire Elmes of Inspire You about trauma, emotions, self care, kids and more.  Claire even shares a really quick and easy technique to release headaches!

Chatting with Karen Jackson of SLOW DOWN Live Deeply about yoga, gratitude, breath work, listening to your gut and following your heart.

Chatting with Sarah Alder of Kitchen Titbits about reducing food waste and supporting parents of fussy eaters.

Chatting with Claire Devonshire and Helen Grundy of Chellenaire about how to empower ourselves in challenging times.

Chatting with Tammi Townsend of PandaLillie about juggling being a Mum of 3 with running her own business during lockdown – and the importance of self-care.

Chatting with the fabulous Roger Daniels of Therapi Tylino about the benefits of massage and how his mobile practice can help get you moving again.

Chatting with the amazing Odette (Sarasai) Woods about her role as a spiritual coach, mentor, international speaker, author & opera diva!

Chatting with the amazing Wendy Power Stoten about her work in setting up and running the wonderful FAST project supporting frontline staff during covid – and beyond!

Chatting with my wonderful friend Jules Chabeaux and talking about her amazing
co-creative art work and her love for animals and this beautiful Earth.

Chatting with the fabulous Nick Morrish about his work as a photographer and how this can be used to support our wellbeing, and stepping more fully
into who we really are.

Chatting with Tammi Townsend of PandaLillie Gifts and Cards about recycling, upcycling, caring for the environment, self-care and being true to Who We Really Are.

Diana Coldman, The Quantum Shaman and I explore the shifts that are happening at the moment and what these mean for us in our growth and development.

Chatting with the wonderful  Rebecca Oxenham about her beautiful
Nature inspired jewellery.

Jessica Fletcher of Bean & Bread in Abergavenny chatting about setting up her business and the importance of community and connection.

Chatting with the wonderful Eleanor Gladwyn – Hypnotherapist
and Transformational Coach

I had the most wonderful chat with  Tessa Hillman, of Tessa’s Stories, about her writing and her new book

Chatting with the very lovely Alison Worrall of ALW Lifestyle
about nutrition and self-care

Chatting with the wonderful Heimke Moll of Kind Hands 4 ALL  about her work with animals and people using the wonderful Tellington TTouch.

Chatting with the very beautiful  Liz Fry WaltonCreation Coach, all the way from Australia,  about fertility, yin energy, and creation.

Here I chat with the wonderful 
Nova Barton of Nova Coaching Services
about her work as a Sober Coach
and laughter yoga teacher.

Here I chat with the amazing Jane Grayer of Create Ceremonies, about weddings, end of life celebrations, naming ceremonies and the value of being true to yourself.

Chatting with the gorgeous Charlott Fagergard & amazing Jamie McAnsh of See No Bounds about their wonderful online Community and their support for businesses and entrepreneurship in young people.

Chatting with the beautiful Ceri Griffiths of Willow Brook Lifestyle Financial Planning about wellbeing around money and following your inner guidance.