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Empower Your Horse’s Wellbeing: Workshop and Videos

Navigating your beautiful animal’s discomfort can be distressing, both emotionally and financially. That’s why I crafted my Holistic Horse Care workshop, delving into their evolution and how this influences their physical and emotional needs.

While the workshop is currently exclusive to the UK, I’ve got you covered! Explore the same invaluable content through my video series, available for individual purchase or as a comprehensive package at a discounted price. Whether near or far, empower yourself to enhance your horse’s wellbeing.

Unveiling Equenergy’s Holistic Horse Care: A Sneak Peek!

Curious about what’s in store for you and your equine companion? This short video provides a glimpse into the enriching content covered in the Horse Care Workshop and Video Series.

Explore the evolution, physical and emotional needs of horses, and embark on a journey to enhance their wellbeing. Discover the secrets to a harmonious and thriving partnership.

‘If horses could talk…’ introduction video

Get a Preview with Our Series Trailers!

Excitement awaits! Dive into each section of my Holistic Horse Care workshop / video series with these short trailers. Preview the enriching content that awaits you and your equine companion. Click on the links below to catch a glimpse:

  1. Basic Anatomy
  2. Diet and Nutrition
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Stress and ‘Vices’
  5. Horses & Humans
  6. Body Language & Facial Expression
  7. Health & Wellbeing

(each module includes the video, a copy of the slides, plus some extra, useful resources)

Embark on a journey of understanding and care for your horse’s overall wellbeing.

1 Basic Anatomy trailer

2 Diet & Nutrition trailer

3 Lifestyle trailer

4 Stress & ‘Vices’ trailer

5 Horses & Humans trailer

6 Body Language & Facial Expression trailer

7 Health & Wellbeing trailer


Special Offer Alert!

Unlock a world of knowledge for both you and your horse! Purchase the full set of videos in the Holistic Horse Care series and enjoy these fantastic bonuses:

  1. Complementary Handbook: Packed with diagrams and invaluable information, this handbook is your go-to guide for enhancing your horse’s wellbeing.
  2. Surprise Gift: A little something extra for both you and your equine companion, delivered as a heartfelt thank you for your commitment to their care.

Seize this opportunity to deepen your understanding and nurture your horse’s wellbeing.

Robyn has been a fantastic help for HorseWorld volunteering her time and expertise on regular occasions. She is always professional and very ethical in her views. She has performed some wonderful healing with a wide range of equines here at HorseWorld including some very traumatised and nervous individuals who seem to flourish after her visits.

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