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Horse Care Video Series

I understand how upsetting it can be to see your beautiful animal in any form of discomfort!  It can also become very expensive, as the vet’s bills mount up. I therefore put together my horse care workshop to support you in exploring everything, from how they have evolved to how this impacts on their physical and emotional needs.

Currently this workshop is only available in the UK however I am aware that you might be reading this from further afield and so I have created a series of videos covering the same material.  These are available to buy individually or as a package (at a discounted price) – see below.

As these videos are now getting a little dated, I’m currently working on revising them.
The new videos will be available shortly.


This video tells you a little more about what’s covered in the workshop / video series:

‘If horses could talk…’ introduction video

Below you can see a short trailer from each part of the series:

(each module includes the video, a copy of the slides, plus some extra, useful resources)

1 Basic Anatomy trailer
2 Diet & Nutrition trailer
3 Lifestyle trailer
4 Stress & ‘Vices’ trailer
5 Horses & Humans trailer
6 Body Language & Facial Expression trailer
7 Health & Wellbeing trailer

If you purchase the full set of videos, you get the handbook – containing diagrams and other useful information – and a surprise gift for you and your horse, absolutely free!

Robyn has been a fantastic help for HorseWorld volunteering her time and expertise on regular occasions. She is always professional and very ethical in her views. She has performed some wonderful healing with a wide range of equines here at HorseWorld including some very traumatised and nervous individuals who seem to flourish after her visits.

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