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I’m a published writer – again!

I’m delighted that I was chosen to be one of the co-authors in an amazing book collaboration:
Words of the Wise: Wisdom from Awakening Journeys.

image of the front cover of the Words of the Wise book

It’s available in Kindle format for 99p and the paperback is only £8.99!

The book is a collection of accounts & reflections from women on awakening paths, documenting the wisdom they have uncovered. It shares their stories to inspire and encourage others who are in their own process of healing and expansion.

It is a deeply moving collection, where over 30 women share profound insights through reflective pieces, channeled letters of affirmation and soulful poems.

The intention is to provide hope and community to others on their own paths of awakening.

The passages contain personal accounts of overcoming many life challenges – including mental illness, infertility, grief, trauma and addiction.

These accounts explore how finding a more spiritual understanding helped them move forward and transform.

The Divine Collective’s mission is to empower self-expression and promote unity by publishing conscious messages to uplift and inspire.

All profits raised will be invested in future projects from The Divine Collective Publishing.

I’d like to say a huge Thank You! to the amazing woman who has made this project possible: Siobhan Louise at The Alignment Path.

I also feature in Connected: The 12 Ways of Wellbeing for a Holistically Healthy Life, which is available from Amazon.

And you can find some of my published articles on the Resources page of my website.

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