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Unlocking Healing Wisdom: Decoding the Language of our Symptoms

Nature hasn’t made a mistake! Your body isn’t ‘going wrong’, ‘failing’, or ‘attacking itself’!

So, what is happening when we experience dis-ease?

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Step into a new paradigm of wellbeing, where you’re invited to redefine your understanding of sickness and ‘germs’.

What if you could live without the fear of dis-ease and instead discover a completely holistic way to support your wellbeing?

Explore the wisdom within your body, understanding its messages and responding promptly and appropriately to its requests.

See dis-ease as a journey that brings wisdom and learning, a testament to your body’s amazing ability to heal itself.

Embrace the power of your mind-body-soul connection and harmonise with the very essence of your BEing. This is your unique wellbeing journey.

Curious to know more?
This workshop is tailor-made for you!
Join the journey of self-discovery and wellbeing.

Embark on a journey to explore:

✨ A new paradigm for the basic process of dis-ease and the phases of wellbeing.
✨ Dis-ease as an intelligent and meaningful process.
✨ The connection between symptoms, organs, and the challenges our brain is attempting to deal with.
✨ The real role of micro-organisms.
✨ The bio-logical mind-body connection.
✨ Tools for self-healing / empowering clients.

Ready to delve deeper? Here’s a short video to tell you more:

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To discover the magic that unfolded at the November 2023 workshop click here.

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Alternatively, embark on a self-paced learning adventure with
the e-learning version of this transformative course!
Explore the depths of this holistic healing
and empower yourself to a new level of wellbeing.
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the International Meta Consciousness® Academy (IMCA).
Deduct the Introduction fee from the coach certification cost.
Elevate your expertise and guide others on their healing journey.

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image of trees backlit by late afternoon summer sunshine with a quote:
"The moment you change your perception, is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body."
Dr Bruce H Lipton

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