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Introduction to MetaConsciousness™

Nature hasn’t made a mistake! Your body isn’t ‘going wrong’, ‘failing’, or ‘attacking itself’!

So, what is happening when we experience dis-ease?

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  • Are you someone who intuitively knows there’s a link between emotions and wellbeing, and you’d like to develop your knowledge about our bio-logical system, for your own understanding and/or to share with clients, friends and family?
  • Would you like to be able to listen more deeply to your body, allowing it to be your teacher and guide you to greater wellbeing?
  • Are you curious to know the answers to those common questions of:
    • Why me?
    • Why now?
    • Why this organ/tissue?
    • Why does this person get sick in this way, but that one doesn’t?
  • Do you have a personal/ professional interest in health issues?
  • Would you like to be able to go directly to the root cause in order to be able to address it directly?
  • Do you feel frustrated by the current health paradigms, and find these limiting for yourself or your clients?
  • Do you, or your clients, experience recurrent health issues that just won’t go away?
  • Would you like to explore a new health paradigm, one that includes body, mind and spirit, that’s scientifically based, makes logical sense and can help to restore you and your clients to full health?
  • Are you a practitioner, knowing that you have lots of powerful transformational tools to draw on, and looking for ways to quickly and directly understand, and address, the underlying issues behind a person’s symptoms?

If these questions are resonating with you, and you gave a heartfelt Yes! to at least one of them, then this workshop is for you!

In it we will explore:

  • a new paradigm for the basic process of dis-ease, including the two phases of  wellbeing.
  • the concept of dis-ease as an intelligent and meaningful process.
  • how each symptom in affected organs relates to a specific area of the brain and the challenge that it’s attempting to process.
  • the real role of micro-organisms.
  • the mind-body connection on a bio-logical level.
  • how this model can support anyone through whatever dis-ease process they are experiencing, allowing them to create greater bio-psycho-social wellbeing.
  • tools to assist your own self-healing journey
    and/or to support your clients and empower them to heal themselves.

Upcoming Dates

10-12 July 2022

27-29 August 2022

20-22 September 2022

image of trees backlit by late afternoon summer sunshine with a quote:
"The moment you change your perception, is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body."
Dr Bruce H Lipton

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