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What does working with me offer you?

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What if:

  • you could develop a new way of looking at health and wellbeing that would uncover the adaptations that led to your dis-ease?
  • you could know why your body made these adaptations (mental, emotional, physical, etc) so that you could understand what is needed to turn things around?
  • you could create a programme to support your body, mind and spirit in returning to greater balance, wellbeing and joy?
  • you could develop the tools to continue growing your self-knowledge and awareness in order to support your ongoing wellbeing?
  • you could break free from the old repeating patterns that no longer serve you, allowing you to create a life of greater health and happiness?

All that’s needed to successfully engage with this process is a sense of self-responsibility
for your wellbeing and the openness to explore your beliefs, perceptions and patterns.
This can be challenging, so some coaching may be needed before starting the process.
The aim is not to push you into discomfort but to gently support you and walk beside you along the way.

A current medical diagnosis, and information on medications and other interventions that you have tried, might also be necessary. 

Everything will be handled with the utmost sensitivity and care.

If you’d like to know more about how this approach could support you, either in your therapeutic practice, or to develop a greater understanding of what’s going on in your own body – or both – click on the image below to take a look at my new Introduction to MetaConsciousness® workshop.