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Learn the healing wisdom within your symptoms

Have you – or do you you know anyone who has – been given a diagnosis of an ‘autio-immune’ condition, such as ME, fibromyalgia, MS or arthritis?

So often, doctors then tell us that we just have to learn how to manage our symptoms and that there is no cure.

I know that when I heard this for myself after my diagnosis of ME and later of possible fibromyalgia and diabetes, I felt very depressed. I didn’t want to just ‘manage my symptoms’! I wanted my life and my energy back!!

Well, I want to let you know that this IS possible – and if you’d like to know more, come and join me on this amazing 3-day workshop that I’ll be running from Friday 10 – Sunday 12 November, here at Equenergy: W·I·L·D® Wellbeing in south east Wales.

Have you ever wanted to know:
– why some dis-eases are chronic?
– why we might have a good day but then we end up ‘paying for it’ afterwards?
– if it’s possible to break this cycle?

If so, then this is the workshop for you.

I want to reassure you that your body isn’t going wrong, making a mistake or attacking itself. It’s just making the adaptations it believes it needs to make in order to survive something that it has found overwhelming.

The good news is that these adaptations, and the symptoms you’re experience, can help you get to the underlying issues so that you can address these and support yourself back to wellbeing.

This workshop will support you in developing a deeper understanding of what’s going on in your body and give you the tools to be a ‘wellbeing detective’, exploring your symptoms to find the wisdom they have to share with you.

For further information and tickets go to and/or book in a Zoom call with me at

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