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Let’s Talk Wellbeing

Do you have questions around anything to do with wellbeing?

If so, join me in my W·I·L·D® Wisdom Wellbeing group for this free monthly Facebook Live.

As you’ll know, I’m passionate about wellbeing and about how we can best support ourselves, both to be healthy, and also to recover from injury or illness when these occur.

So I thought I’d create a space in which to engage in a conversation about the wellbeing issues that are important to you; a space where, together, we can begin to explore the answers that work for us, both as individuals and collectively.

These sessions aren’t about giving a diagnosis or ‘the answer’. 

Rather the aim is to offer you:
🔹 some new insights that you might not have considered before
🔹 renewed belief that healing is possible and that greater wellbeing is achievable
🔹 greater knowledge of what your body is seeking to communicate to you
🔹 confidence to take control of your wellbeing, whether that’s in the form of self-care,
or of working with medical professionals to create the treatment plan that best suits you as an individual.

The next opportunity to join me for this session is Friday 1 September at 2pm UK time*. To take part, just request to join the group in advance, make sure Notifications are turned on, and then select one of the joining options below:

  • join me in the StreamYard ‘studio’ to ask questions & comment, ‘on air’
  • follow the conversation, Live, in the Facebook group and pop questions / comments in the chat
  • catch up at a later time by watching the replay. You can still pop questions and comments in the chat and I will respond.

You can also send questions, privately, in advance to putting ‘Let’s talk wellbeing‘ in the subject line.

I look forward to chatting with you 😊

* Please note that this timing may be subject to change so keep an eye out in the group for announcements.

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