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Looking for eco-friendly gifts

If you follow my blog and/or social media, you’ll know that I’m passionate about Nature.  For me, part of this is looking for ways to be more eco-conscious in my purchases.

I previously posted about looking for ways to use less plastic and shortly after this, I was contacted by a company called Life Before Plastik who wondered if I would consider writing about them and their products.  Having taken a look at their website, I was very happy to do so.

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They might not be the largest company selling eco-friendly products but they’re still young (as I write this on 11 November they’re celebrating their 1st birthday) and they’re  continuing to add new products to their collection.  Not only that, but they also have videos and other useful information, such as using ecobricks and how to use bar shampoos.

Their product categories include:

  • Bathroom
  • Beauty
  • Skincare
  • Haircare
  • Home
  • Kids & Baby
  • Pets

and a couple of others.  They also have a particular section for Festive Ideas and they include a gift wrapping service.

I’ve had some correspondence with them, and they have been responsive, helpful and accommodating.

Even so, I wouldn’t be entirely comfortable making a recommendation without actually trying them out – a good excuse for some gift shopping, including some things for myself!

In my first order I bought:

  • A sisal soap pouch (a great way of using up those little slivers of soap at the end of the bar – put them in the pouch and use like an exfoliating rub in the bath or shower)
  • Shea butter soap (for my face)
  • Argan and oatmilk shampoo bar (not my first choice but this was sold out so obviously popular)
  • And Sea Salt and Moss soap-on-a-rope (which will be a Christmas present for my uncle)

My order arrived within a couple of days, very neatly wrapped in brown paper.  When I opened the parcel, I could see that they’d used recycled packaging – an old chocolate box and newspaper – along with ‘wood wool’.  I love it when a company extends their ethical ethos to include how they send out the products!  They’ve told me that this includes their gift wrapping too:

“It comes with products packaged in a recycled cardboard box filled with wood wool, before being wrapped with twine and a choice of a reindeer or santa post gift tag.”

This is an image from their website:

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When it comes to wrapping your own presents and parcels, they also sell paper tape, a plastic -free alternative to Selotape.

Another couple of points that I like about this company are that:

  • they stock a range of vegan products
  • they are UK based and therefore there’s less of a carbon footprint in terms of shipping for me, compared to ordering from the US and other countries.

Of course, there are also other companies offering great eco-friendly products.  Another that I used recently is Plastic Freedom.  I ordered some products from them also:

  • vegan lip balm
  • cocoa butter solid moisturiser
  • an olive wood soap dish
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They, too, have a Christmas range and also stock makeup, clothing and food.

Again, I was very pleased with the products and service.

A couple of other sites that I’ve noticed, but not yet used are Beauty Kitchen (who have a festive range of products) and BYBI.

Whatever and however you’re celebrating this month, I send warmest wishes to you and yours.

See you in the 2020!

2 thoughts on “Looking for eco-friendly gifts”

  1. SO lovely! We also stock the Zero Waste Path soaps, absolutely love them. They have an incredible smell and make a great foam for shaving too, AND they are handmade.

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