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Making the most of this time of Pause (part 3)


For those of us who are now home based, and sharing our homes with animals, this Pause (or should that be ‘Paws’ in this case! 😊) is the perfect opportunity to have more quality time with them.  Many will appreciate some extra cuddles, grooming or play.  Engaging with them in this way releases oxytocin for both ourselves and them, helping to deepen the bond between us while also lifting our mood and helping us to relax.

image courtesy of Canva

If your pet doesn’t enjoy this kind of activity, you can still just sit with them, enjoying each other’s company.

Kali Kat, our Cornish Rex beauty

In fact, our animals often have much to teach us about being still.  Many can sit or lie for long periods of time, enjoying the chance to rest and recharge – and to just Be – connecting in with this present moment.  When we sit with them, with no agenda, expectations or schedules, we too can begin to feel the quality of this stillness and presence.  It’s a great way to help our bodies shift from busy-ness and into rest and repair, which can bring deep healing and peace.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that every animal has its own energy.  This is true for individuals, but each species also has its own particular feel.  I’d never really thought much about this until I was learning about animal healing and my tutor put me with a tortoise and asked me what its energy felt like.  I initially went into a bit of a panic, worrying that I wouldn’t be able to come up with an answer, but as soon as I tuned in to the little guy, I could feel what she meant!  (If you’d like to read more about our encounter, click here.)  It was amazing and really opened my eyes to a whole other level of interacting with other creatures and of understanding their different perspectives of the world we live in.  Through this I also learnt that each species has much to teach us.  For example:

  • Horses can teach us about holding power with grace and gentleness
  • Dogs can teach us about joy
  • Cats can teach us about being true to ourselves and maintaining healthy boundaries
  • Bees can teach us about working together

If you’d like to connect with your pets on an even deeper level, you might like to try these exercises:

Start by grounding yourself and tuning in to your own energy. 

Feel it in the core of your being, and how it fills your body, almost like a buzz of electricity. 

You might also become aware that this energy is not only within you, but actually extends out around your body. 

(Even if you close your eyes, you can get a feel for the space around you.)

You can use this awareness to reach out to your pet and to get a sense of their energy

What does it feel like to you?  Can you describe it? 

You might also like to try asking them a question to see what response comes back.

And / or you can try asking permission to feel the world through their senses:

  • What can they smell?
  • What do they see?
  • How does it feel to have fur / a tail / scales / wings?

Each person will experience these exercises in different ways because we interpret the feelings and responses we receive through our own filters.  It’ll probably depend on whether you’re predominantly a kinaesthetic, visual, auditory, olfactory or gustatory person.  You could therefore get feelings, images, sounds, smells or tastes respectively .

If you would like to learn more about connecting in with your animals, understanding them and even supporting their wellbeing, then take a look at my workshops on:

  1. Animal Communication
  2. Basic Energy Healing for your animal friends
  3. Holistic Wellbeing for Dogs & Cats 

(Contact me to book.)

Tomorrow I’ll start to explore the infinite potential of this Pause when we put these 3 things – people, Nature and animals – together.

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