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Wellbeing is a process

The diagram above illustrates the process of dis-ease and wellbeing.

Dis-ease actually starts well before we experience what we think of as our symptoms – the aches and pains, inflammation, fever, cough, runny nose, and so on.

In fact it starts on the left of this diagram, with an event that puts us into physical, emotional and mental stress. It’s when we start to come out of this stress that our symptoms appear! This is our body shifting from ‘fight or flight‘ into ‘rest and repair‘.

Have you ever noticed how migraines often happen at the weekend, and we often get sick when we take a break or go on holiday? This is why!

It’s a perfectly natural and normal process. It’s just our body doing what it’s supposed to do. It’s not ‘going wrong’, ‘making a mistake’ or ‘attacking itself’ – it’s simply going through a kind of ‘de-tox’.

When we explore and understand this more fully, we no longer need to fear dis-ease. It can help us to work with our body in order to experience greater wellbeing, comfort and ease within our own body and the ability to fully enjoy the life we’re living.

The tool that offers this new and empowering perspective is called Meta Consciousness®.

Read on to find out more…

MetaConsciousness has been called the underpinning of life, and is now an Academy to share, inspire and guide each individual and in turn our beautiful planet to a healthy life.
Quote from Penny Croal of Change Ahead

Meta Consciousness®:
a new , exciting – and empowering – way to look at health & wellbeing.

Understanding how stress, and our response to it, impacts on our wellbeing and how we can use this to help us heal.

Meta Consciousness® is a new term – and a new concept – for many, so I will explain a little more about it below…

What is Meta Consciousness®?


…a ‘new’ way of looking at health and wellbeing based on the person’s particular experience of their illness and the meaning it holds for them. This perception is a very individual thing, which is why two people with similar histories might develop very different dis-eases

…an advanced system that focuses on uncovering the adaptations underlying a dis-ease.  It taps into the intelligence of the body, mind and soul, which already knows what it needs in order to heal.  Once this is understood, it is possible to create a tailored programme to support the process back to wellbeing

…complementary in that it works alongside conventional medicine, and also other therapies.  It is fully holistic, looking at the whole person: physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual.  It acknowledges the impact of our beliefs – both conscious and unconscious – on our wellbeing and on our ability to heal.

You can also read about my experience of how this supported my own personal healing.

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