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Mindfulness and Beyond

This is an opportunity to delve into the realms beyond basic mindfulness, further enhancing our self-care practices for holistic wellbeing.

Mindfulness is a fantastic tool, serving as an excellent starting point, yet its true potential unfolds when we take it to the next level.

In our society, we often segregate mental health from physical health, overlooking their intrinsic connection. This course aims to bridge the gap and explore the synergy between these integral aspects.

As intricate beings, we’ll navigate through various layers to fortify our overall wellbeing. Key topics include:

  • understanding the intricacies of our minds
  • unraveling the phenomenon of ‘Jumping to confusions’
  • exploring the impact of thoughts on both body and mind
  • embracing the concept that ‘You are not your mind’
  • empowering ourselves to make conscious choices amidst uncontrollable thoughts
  • transitioning from simple Mindfulness to embracing Beingfulness — harmonizing Mind, Body & Spirit

(There’ll also be the opportunity to spend some time in the gentle healing energy of Pachamama‘s herd of alpacas! 🦙)

Dates: to be confirmed – some time in 2024
Venue: Pachamama Wellbeing, Abergavenny, NP7 9TA
Cost: £165

Ready to explore further? Feel free to reach out and let’s start the conversation!

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