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My personal story

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Years ago, I found myself in a very uncomfortable place.
Miserable, sleep-deprived, battling depression,
anxiety, and constant irritability.
Forgetfulness and a looming sense of overwhelm
became my daily companions.

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In truth, I’d been in a similar situation before and I recognised the familiar signs of an impending burnout. Determined to avoid a repeat, I knew prompt action was essential. My health was already compromised, marked by various niggling issues such as headaches, skin irritation, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

I explored conventional routes, seeking help from my doctor with medications for sleep and later antidepressants, but they didn’t resonate with me. Despite past counseling experiences, I summoned courage for more, only to find little relief. As I approached breaking point, a refusal to surrender propelled me into research and extensive reading. Courses and training unveiled the profound impact of past traumas on my health.

This journey led me to what was then known as MetaMedicine. Desperate for a solution, I traveled to Germany for a consultation with one of the few experts in this approach and it turned out to be a life-saver!

The experience was so eye-opening and supportive that when I later became a wellbeing practitioner, I decided to add this wisdom to my practice. I delved into the latest development in this field, Meta Consciousness®, qualifying in this transformative approach. The insights, knowledge, and understanding gained have been invaluable for both myself and the people I work with.

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