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How a new perspective on my symptoms opened the way to healing for me

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Years ago, I found myself in a very uncomfortable place.
I was miserable, not sleeping well, depressed, anxious and irritable.
I would forget the simplest of things and constantly felt on the brink of overwhelm. 

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Actually, I’d been in a similar situation before and knew that if I didn’t take action – and soon – I was going to end up back in burnout.  My health was already suffering and I was experiencing lots of niggling issues such as headaches, skin irritation and IBS.

I tried the conventional routes of going to my doctor and getting medication to help me sleep, and later antidepressants, but these didn’t work for me. I screwed up my courage and asked for some counseling – despite less than positive previous experiences – but this didn’t help either. I was getting to breaking point and couldn’t see any way that things would ever get better…

But something in me refused to give up, and so I did some research and a lot of reading.  I joined courses and training and learnt so much about myself and how I was holding on to traumas from my past, and how these were impacting on my health and wellbeing.

This led me to what was then known as MetaMedicine.  I ended up going to Germany for a consultation with one of the few people trained in this approach – and it was a life-saver! 

In fact I found this new approach so eye-opening and supportive that when I later became a wellbeing practitioner myself I decided to add this to my toolkit.  I studied Meta Consciousness®, the latest development in this field, and qualified in this approach.  The insights, knowledge and understanding it has given me have been invaluable for myself, and for the people I work with.

If you’d like to explore this for yourself, then my new
Introduction to Meta Consciousness® workshop is for you.