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New videos uploaded to my YouTube channel

Did you know that I have a YouTube channel? It’s called W·I·L·D® TV and you’ll find lots of amazing content there, including my list of Self-Care Exercises, chats with the many wonderful guests who’ve appeared – live – with me on my W·I·L·D® Wisdom Wellbeing Facebook group, Masterclasses and much more.

I’ve recently added a couple of new videos:

  • The first is about creating your own personal Timeline. This is something that I often invite people to do, partly because it enables me to get a deeper understanding of what’s going on for them, but mostly because it’s a great way of being able to see, and more fully appreciate, the journey of your life – the highs and lows, your achievements, the challenges you’ve faced, and all the learning and growth that you’ve experienced. To find out more about why this is so beneficial, click here. (The video is also available with a voice over here)
  • The second video is an adaptation of a piece that I wrote for an amazing book collaboration, created by The Divine Collective. The book is called Words of the Wise: Wisdom from Awakening Journeys. My contribution was in the form of a letter, written to anyone who is struggling and finding life deeply challenging just now. I’ve received great feedback on this, with people saying that it should be shared far and wide, and so I’ve created this video to make it accessible and shareable. Click here to watch / listen.

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