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I’ve added some exciting news and several wonderful events recently!
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Recent Guest Appearances

If horses could talk…

image of the first slide in the 'If horses could talk...' video series.  It shows Robyn Harris massaging the back of one of the Equenergy horses - a bay gelding called Dax.  The other horse - a piebald mare called 'Rika is grazing just behind Dax.  They're all standing in one of the Equenergy fields which is bordered by mature oak and beech trees.

Embark on an enriching journey with ‘If Horses Could Talk…
an investment in holistic horse care wisdom.
Decode the language of horses, deepen your connection, and enhance their well-being.
Join me in unraveling the secrets horses would share if they could talk,
empowering you to elevate your horse care practices.
Invest in understanding and nurturing your equine companions on a profound level.

The series explores:

  1. Basic equine anatomy
  2. Their nutritional and eating needs
  3. Their optimal lifestyle
  4. The impacts of stress and how this can lead to what are often called ‘vices’
  5. What happens when we add interactions with humans into the mix?
  6. Equine body language and facial expressions – what is your horse trying to tell you?
  7. How can we keep our equine friends happy and healthy – and what can we do if they get sick?

Explore additional details about the Horse Care Video Series here.
For a sneak peek, check out this video to get a glimpse of what’s in store:

Some key blog posts:

“I thoroughly recommend Robyn… Robyn was compassionate, warm and professional and I never felt ill at ease at sobbing my eyes out while holding her hand as I let it all go and she calmly soothed the way. Wonderful. Highly recommended.”

Diana Karenza Robinson