Ongoing Adventures

Having taken the First Steps of your Transformational Journey, and then gone deeper into your practice of what it means for you to align with your ‘Soul Self’, you are now ready to spread your wings.

As you begin to explore and navigate the Ongoing Adventures that lie ahead for you it can be reassuring to know that there is still someone there by your side to ask questions, discuss issues and keep you accountable.

What you get:

  • Monthly bespoke sessions to continue exploring and refining your vision of your ‘Soul Self’ and how to share this with the world.
  • We will focus on:
    • how you can continue to nurture and nourish yourself as you navigate your ongoing adventures.
    • keeping things fresh, walking lightly and en-joying the journey.
    • exploring ways to stay grounded and ‘keep it real’.
    • staying flexible and adaptable in an ever changing world.