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Working together and bringing people closer is the nature of Equenergy. With this in mind, I now offer group sessions!

If you would be interested in booking me to speak to your group,  please select from the topics below, or contact me to discuss.

Image of Robyn Harris speaking at an event for Cruse Bereavement Support volunteers

Topics I speak on:

What is ‘Stress’?

image of a woman with her head in her hands in front of a laptop and a couple of notebooks
How does it affect our wellbeing,
and what can we do to support ourselves?

What is ‘Dis-ease’?

image of a diagram illustrating the dis-ease / wellbeing process
Dis-ease isn’t a ‘mistake‘ or the body going ‘wrong‘.
It’s actually valuable information! What can it teach us?


How can we step more fully
into the joy and freedom of living from our True Nature?

Holistic animal care

image shows 2 previous Equenergy clients - a marmalade cat and an Irish Wolfhound
How can we provide the best nutrition, environment and care for our animals’ wellbeing?

Here you can see a video clip taken from my Time and Space just for You Masterclass,
exploring self-care for times when we’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed:

You can download a copy of my bio here
You can download a copy of my media information here

I had the pleasure of meeting Robyn …
and got to listen to her amazing expertise, skills and tips on going from Stress to Flow.
I have taken away a lot from the session and I’m grateful for Robyn’s time.
I highly recommend this lady.

Lizzie Salter