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Why I believe forgiveness often needs to start with forgiving ourselves

Forgiveness is such an important step for our wellbeing, but often we forget about truly and deeply forgiving ourselves.

A little of my story (2)

Fast forward several years… I got through the ME and got a wonderful job with a fabulous boss and mentor, which really helped me get back on my feet.  However, the job was a fixed term contract and I had no qualifications, so I started applying to some University courses.  I was accepted at Bristol,…
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Saying goodbye – adjusting to being without her

Everywhere I turn there are memories of her, and I keep finding more bits of ‘kitty paraphernalia’ – who knew one small cat could have so many things?!  They include: her taurine supplement, blankets, assorted toys that keep turning up in random places around the house, food and treats, cat flap and step, and the…
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Saying goodbye – returning home

We brought our precious girl home with us again and put her in a box with a couple of her blankets and some toys until the next day when Tim made her a lovely wooden coffin and dug a grave for her by her favourite sunny step where she used to sit on summer evenings…
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