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Why I believe forgiveness often needs to start with forgiving ourselves

Forgiveness is such an important step for our wellbeing, but often we forget about truly and deeply forgiving ourselves.

Release and Wonder: The Gifts of Gratitude

Release and Wonder:  The Gifts of Gratitude I have been invited to present at a Mind Body Soul Summit in December and as part of my preparation for this, I wrote the following blog.  The Summit is entitled Release With Gratitude, and so the presenters will all be exploring various perspectives on this.  The organiser,…
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Why the pandemic of fear is at least as worrying as Coronavirus itself (2)

The impact of coronavirus is therefore much more than just the possibility of catching it, and we need to remember that in most cases the symptoms are not life threatening. In fact, fear is much more contagious, as has been shown by the widespread media coverage and the empty supermarket shelves. I believe that the…
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