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Release and Wonder: The Gifts of Gratitude

Release and Wonder:  The Gifts of Gratitude I have been invited to present at a Mind Body Soul Summit in December and as part of my preparation for this, I wrote the following blog.  The Summit is entitled Release With Gratitude, and so the presenters will all be exploring various perspectives on this.  The organiser,…
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Saying goodbye – what I’ve learnt

So, the messages I’d like to share from this experience are: This time of lockdown has given us a whole new appreciation of connection.  I encourage you to never take this for granted and to be grateful for all those who bring light and joy into your life. Remember to treasure the time you have…
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How best to support our own wellbeing, both now, and going forward (5)

So, my vision: I would love this to be a time that we can look back on and recognise as a major turning point in our lives.  A time when we: went within and rediscovered ourselves and our values learnt how to ‘lean into’ these and to follow the deepest guidance of our hearts learnt…
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