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How can I improve my emotional wellbeing?

For me, the best way to improve our wellbeing – on all levels – is to develop our awareness of what’s really going on within ourselves.  To do this, it’s important to have a sense of open curiosity along with a deep compassion for our Self – to understand that we really were doing the…
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The challenge of ‘-ism’

The recent events around the world, sparked by the death of George Floyd have saddened me deeply on many levels. Yes, of course racism is a terrible thing, and of course Black lives matter.  I don’t mean to take away from that in any sense. But I think this issue goes way beyond that, and…
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How best to support our own wellbeing, both now, and going forward (3)

Gratitude Gratitude has been scientifically shown to improve our physical and mental wellbeing.  When we take steps to include this in our daily practice it uplifts us and supports many of the other points that I’ve listed here.   What’s more, it’s so simple to do, doesn’t have to cost anything or take up any extra…
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