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Taking conscious self-care steps after Trauma (Part 4)

Robyn Harris

November 19, 2021

(This is the fourth part of a series and I recommend reading parts 1-3 before this one.)

I recommend taking this journey one step at a time, as you feel ready, remembering to stay open and curious, and putting aside any judgement. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself as you do this, exploring your deepest thoughts and beliefs about this situation and where they might be holding you stuck. You can then begin to take action in addressing these, releasing them, or reframing them to bring them into alignment with your innermost wisdom – that intuition that can guide you in making the choices that are right for you.

This journey will be unique to you and will depend on your experiences, values and perception. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ on this path. It’s more about following your heart and discovering how you can set yourself free to be as You as you can be – not worrying about fitting in to please others, but allowing your own individual light to shine. The Universe has brought the unique elements of you together, taking millennia to gather, blend and ultimately create the being that is You, specifically for this time and place. You are where you are meant to be, and all you have to do is Be That to the very best of your ability – if you choose to. The choice is yours, and always has been 😊

But when you choose to live consciously it’s like peeling scales off your eyes, giving you a whole new perception of Life and your place within it. You gain a whole new understanding of the interconnectedness and interdependence of all creation, seeing yourself as part of the whole, while also knowing that this whole is within you.

At times, we can benefit greatly from reaching out for support along this journey, either from a trusted friend or a qualified practitioner, someone who can see things from a different, and more objective view point, who can hold a safe space for us when we’re feeling vulnerable and fragile, and who can be our cheerleader and accountability buddy when things feel deeply challenging.

I recommend looking for someone:
• with whom you feel you can be completely open and honest
• who shares your values
• you feel is authentic, ie who walks their talk
• who feels like a ‘good fit’ for you
• with whom you feel safe
• who will challenge you
• and who will support you in developing your own set of skills and ‘tools’ with which to navigate your ongoing adventures.

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