Speaking to Groups

If you would be interested in booking me to speak to your group,
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You can also book me to interview you, or others
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Robyn exudes a warm and nurturing energy
full of empathy and interest in others
Rob Stewart
Sherpa Bear Coaching

What is ‘stress‘,

how does it affect our wellbeing,

and what can we do to support ourselves?


Dis-ease isn’t a ‘mistake‘ or the body going ‘wrong‘.

It’s actually valuable information!

What can it teach us?



How can we step more fully

into the joy and freedom of living in Soul Alignment?



Holistic animal care

How can we provide the best

nutrition, environment and care

for our animals’ wellbeing?

I had the pleasure of meeting Robyn ...
and got to listen her amazing expertise, skills and tips on going from Stress to Flow.
I have taken away a lot from the session and I'm grateful for Robyn's time.
I highly recommend this lady.
Lizzie Salter