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Cherry Carter – Workshop Attendee

In my opinion, Robyn is an Enabler; an amazing listener, coach and teacher and her humility – for me – is what makes her so special. She is very knowledgeable about many things but in particular from my experience – in Healing – both for animals and people. I explain more below:

I attended one of Robyn’s workshops (May 2019) on Energy Healing with Animals and it was my first official step into a journey of Healing, or so I thought. However, as Robyn is such a good teacher and listener, she helped me realise that I had, in fact, experienced times in my life before where I had been involved in giving Healing. I understood what she meant as we discussed different experiences I had been through and it made me feel really connected to the new path that I wanted to take. Robyn’s passion and belief in what she does is infectious and I felt it.

I will always be grateful to Robyn for the experiences she shared with me, in a safe and loving environment on that special day. She taught me so much and awakened my soul and mind in many ways. What I came away with, was the belief that I could be whomever I wanted to be: an intuitive Healer who can help rehabilitate animals in need – from neglect/abuse.

I learn much more from those who have humility – like Robyn – as I know that I can be myself;
it is the greatest of all gifts.

My journey is continuing in Healing and I am so pleased that I booked my first steps with Robyn, on one of her workshops. I highly recommend her to anyone. as I believe you will not be disappointed.

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