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The September MetaConsciousness® workshop

I really enjoyed sharing my Introduction to MetaConsciousness® workshop recently!

I’m so passionate about this as it was a total gamechanger for me. It helped me to go from feeling that my body was letting me down and always going wrong, and being constantly critical and full of self-loathing, to a place of greater understanding and compassion, able to engage in deep self-care and feeling healthier, happier and free-er than I ever had before!

The people who come along to my events are always the ones who make the sessions special so it meant so much to me to get some fabulous feedback!

Robyn is a talented trainer who listens to participant needs and addresses concerns compassionately and considerately.
Highly recommended!

Hi Robyn I really enjoyed the course. It was so informative and to be able to see the connection between stress and the body. It gave me peace of mind to understand how it has affected me. It was also nice to spend time at your lovely home and I am very grateful.

This workshop helped me learn more about the connection between my wellbeing and diseases.
I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to understand why they have a certain illness and how to heal it.

10 out of 10
This workshop doesn’t need improving – it provides all the information you need to understand MetaConsciousness.

If you’d like to join me for the next event (9-11 December) click here to find out more.

And if you have any questions, let’s get together over a virtual cup of coffee and have a chat.

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