The Transformational Journey – First Steps


dream of living a Life of purpose 

feeling fulfilled

being true to yourself

and experiencing the wellbeing and vitality

that you know could be yours…?

You’ve found the right place if:

  • You’re a pioneer, a light-worker, someone who is ready to make a difference… both in your own life and the life of others.

  • You’re ready to stop trying to fit in to please others, and instead step into the joy and freedom of being true to your best Self.

  • You’re looking for clear and simple steps that you can take to transform your life, but they need to feel aligned and a good ‘fit’ for you as an individual.

  • You long to move from stress and ‘striving’, into a life where things flow to you easily and naturally.
Sound familiar?

  • For some time now you’ve been dreaming of a new and better Life, but despite all the things you’ve tried, very little seems to be changing.

  • Yes, you’ve been searching, and making changes, but they haven’t yet led to the shift that you long for.

  • You’re passionate about creating change and moving towards a new way of living that supports the wellbeing of all without causing harm to others, or the planet.

You crave a sense of PURPOSE and DIRECTION in your life.

You long for the FREEDOM to live in the way that’s right for YOU.

You want to give your BEST to those around you.

And you want to feel the JOY and VITALITY of living in Soul Alignment.

You’re ready to let go of the struggle:

  • No more searching, uncertainty, second guessing, or feeling that you’re going round in circles.  It’s time to feel confident and clear and to take the action that’s right for YOU!

  • No more frustration with making changes that aren’t effective.  Discover the root cause underlying any health issues and / or limiting beliefs and take targeted action to release these and replace them with more supportive practices and thoughts, allowing you to achieve the results you long for.
  • No more holding yourself back from the life you know could be yours. It’s time to know that you are enough!  Give yourself permission to experience the growth that will enable you to feel fabulous, free and fulfilled.

It’s time for YOU to SHINE!

Here’s just a glimpse of what my people have to say about working with me:

Robyn coached me through a difficult time. Even though I’m a therapist myself, when in trouble I needed support.


Robyn was my spokeswoman, helping to put my thoughts and feelings into words and so making my inner voice physically hearable. Having her deep understanding of my personality gave me ease and hope when I needed it most. It wasn’t just her listening skills, but also her perspective and interpretation of my situation which opened my eyes to a different reality from the one that was in my head at the time. It was such an enriching experience to share with her everything which occupied my mind:

my insights through reading books,

events from my life which seemed to be metaphorical,

surprising signs from universe,

troublesome and joyful events and memories.


I’m really grateful that I was able to have her support in my personal development and healing journey.

In my opinion, Robyn is an Enabler; an amazing listener, coach and teacher and her humility – for me – is what makes her so special. … she helped me realise that I had, in fact, experienced times in my life before where I had been [following my passion]. I understood what she meant as we discussed different experiences I had been through and it made me feel really connected to the new path that I wanted to take. Robyn’s passion and belief in what she does is infectious, and I felt it.


I will always be grateful to Robyn for the experiences she shared with me, in a safe and loving environment … She taught me so much and awakened my soul and mind in many ways. What I came away with, was the belief that I could be whomever I wanted to be: an intuitive Healer who can help rehabilitate animals in need – from neglect/abuse.


I learn much more from those who have humility – like Robyn – as I know that I can be myself; it is the greatest of all gifts. …


I highly recommend her to anyone, as I believe you will not be disappointed.