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Tim & I had fun today!

I have to tell you, these hoomans are plain weird sometimes!

Every day, twice a day, Robyn and I go up to the fields and she picks up all the poo that the horses have left.  She doesn’t do anything with it though – just piles it in one big heap!  And if I happen to lift a piece in my mouth she makes these strange ‘eeuuww!’ noises…!

She also brings a bag with her everywhere we go, and if I, [ahem], make a deposit, she picks it up in the bag and takes it to the nearest bin!  What’s this bizarre fascination all about?  Rika has told me that the pile in the field is some kind of ‘brown gold’ and that it’s much prized by hoomans.  Every so often people come with cars, vans and trailers full of bags which they then fill with this stuff and take it away!  I mean… weird or what?!

Another nice lady came to visit today.  Initially I told her that this was our pack and our space, but she was so gentle and her energy was very beautiful that I very quickly put her in the ‘friend’ category!  I could smell that she is someone who spends time with dogs, and while the smell of other dogs can make me anxious, with her it just further confirmed that she was safe and someone I could connect with.

Tim took me for a walk this afternoon.  He’d taken me down the lane that runs outside of the property before but when we got down to where the stream runs along beside the road, I suddenly felt anxious and just couldn’t go any further.  I begged to go back to my familiar space, and thankfully Tim listened.  But then today it all felt fine and we went exploring. 

The stream isn’t very big, but it was quite fast flowing.  We followed it for a little way then crossed over and walked through the woods on the other side.  Here I could smell a new animal, one I haven’t come across before, but I couldn’t see what had left this scent…  I later learnt that it was something called ‘pigs’…

Anyway, Tim and I had a lot of fun on our walk!  I love going on these walks, knowing that he’s nearby and that we’re having fun, enjoying each other’s company and exploring together.  It’s great to get a sense of the land around our territory too.  He’s not able to cover the ground as fast as I can – I’ve come to the conclusion that 2 leggeds are severely disadvantaged in this way.  It means that I have to keep coming back to check that he’s ok and that we don’t lose each other, but it gives me more time to explore the area while he catches up 😊

Well, I’d love to stay and chat but I’ve realised that it’s time for me to go with Robyn to the fields again.  I get to explore some more while she collects more of that ‘brown gold’.  Honestly!  They really are odd, but they’ve given me a place in their pack, and I get to live in this exciting place, go on great walks, run in all this space and exercise my muscles and all my senses each day so I’m prepared to get along with their foibles. 

Also, after this walk it’ll be dinner – and that’s always something to look forward to!

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