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Ups and downs…

This morning was so much fun!  Tim and Robyn took me to a nearby forest for a walk.  We went in the morning coz they said it was going to be hot later and that the forest would offer some shade.

Again there were lots of new smells!  Too many to follow them all no matter how hard I tried.  Tim wanted to let me off the lead – he’s been teaching me that when he calls my name and I hear ‘Come!’ it means that I’m to go to where he is.  I’ve actually got really good at it and it seems to make him happy when I do it well.  He trusted me to do this here too, but Robyn seemed to be less sure.  She was saying something about too many distractions, but I wasn’t really listening!

Tim unclipped my lead and I was free to explore!  I ran off along the path then found an intriguing scent leading off into the trees and I just had to follow it!  It went further into the undergrowth and I followed with my nose to the ground, so excited to see where it might go…

I could vaguely hear Tim’s voice but I was so engrossed in this adventure that I wasn’t really paying attention…

Then I realised that he was calling my name and saying ‘Come!’, and that I’d lost sight of them out here in this forest – so I dashed back in search of them…

Thankfully they hadn’t gone far and I found them easily.  I went straight up to Tim and he clipped my lead back on, but I’d already realised that I don’t want to get lost out here!

After a little while he unclipped the lead again and this time I made sure to stay on, or at least near, the path and not to go too far ahead and lose sight of them. 

It felt so good to be out with my pack, roaming and exploring!  We also passed a spring and a stream where I was able to get a drink.

I have to say though, I was tired by the end of the walk and it was lovely to get back home – I feel I can say that now! – for a good nap.

But then, in the afternoon, I noticed that my paw was hurting.  I think the ground was rougher than I’m used to having mostly been on indoor floors, concrete, footpaths or grass for so long.

Robyn tried to gently examine my paw to see if it was cut or if there was anything in it.  I tried to sit quietly while she did this but having my paws touched feels so threatening for me and I couldn’t cope so I had to warn her off.  Thankfully she listened but it made me wary of her for the rest of the day and I was worried again, feeling anxious and lonely here in this new place.

I stayed in my crate for much of the evening with the comfort of my soft toys, blanket and familiar smells.  Robyn and Tim just moved around quietly, occasionally talking gently to me but staying at a distance and gradually I began to feel a little less anxious.

It’s hard, all this new stuff – trying to get to know and understand these people and their ways… but I’m beginning to see that if I take a step back and give myself space, and if I wait for a while, things settle down again.  My anxiety lessens and Tim and Robyn are still here and still gentle and patient with me.  Maybe we’re beginning to be a real pack together!

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