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Working with me

a carpet of bluebells beneath a group of trees

Are you grappling with chronic health or emotional challenges such as aches and pains, fatigue, or anxiety?

Have doctors suggested ‘managing symptoms’ is the only option?

Are you yearning for more:

  • a profound understanding of your body’s signals
  • the ability to tune in, listen, and interpret its messages
  • tools to help you enrich your self-care practice, fostering growth and healing
  • the freedom to be yourself and savor life?

Sound familiar?

Have you tried various ways to boost your wellbeing, only to find little change?

Telling yourself you ‘should’:

  • change your diet
  • or make lifestyle adjustments

Are you feeling overwhelmed, not sure where to start?

If so, read on for a fresh perspective. Let’s navigate this journey together, unlocking a holistic approach to well-being.

The wisdom of the body

Did you know the body doesn’t make mistakes? Instead, it adapts to keep us safe.

Think of it like a spare tyre – crucial in emergencies, but not meant for permanent use.

While effective in the short term, this ‘temporary tyre’ can throw our ‘vehicle’ – our body – out of balance, eventually leading to imbalance and dis-ease.


Our body is a profoundly wise and bio-logical system.

Interestingly, our dis-ease holds the key to unraveling those adaptations. By understanding why we made them, we can create supportive and uplifting solutions. This process empowers our body to heal, both physically and emotionally.

The healing journey

I completely understand that starting a journey like this can be daunting – it certainly was for me!

We often perceive our issues as big, scary, and painful, expecting the answers to be the same. However, that’s not the case! Throughout this process, your sense of safety – physically, emotionally and psychologically – is paramount to me.

Surprisingly, the solutions can be quite simple, almost deceptively so! It’s these small, consistent steps integrated into your daily routine that gradually shift your perspective and interactions with the world. This brings a profound sense of freedom, well-being, joy, and comfort within your own skin.

It’s all about making this process FUN!

If you’re curious and want to know more
click here to discover what’s involved.
Let’s embark on this journey together with
a sprinkle of joy!

*click here to see my infographic on Safety

image of Robyn Harris talking with someone I'm working with, standing on the decking around the Equenergy cabin with the woods in the background.

No more searching or feeling that you’re going round in circles. 

It’s time to feel confident and have greater clarity on how to take the action that’s right for you!

image shows Robyn Harris working with someone and talking through one of the tools that I use

No more frustration. 

 Discover what has led to your dis-ease and how you can create more supportive practices to achieve the results you long for.

image shows Robyn Harris explaining a colour tool that I use in my work

No more feeling stuck / hopeless

It’s time to know that you are enough!  
Give yourself permission to grow and feel fulfilled.

“I will always be grateful to Robyn for the experiences she shared with me, in a safe and loving environment … She taught me so much and awakened my soul and mind in many ways. What I came away with, was the belief that I could be whomever I wanted to be.”


The 2 Equenergy horses, Dax and Rika

To kickstart this transformative journey, I’d love to share my
W·I·L·D® Way to Start Feeling Better – Right Now!
These are four simple steps designed to shift you into
a more uplifted energy – and help you stay there.
Ready to begin? Sign up here and let the transformation unfold!

If it feels right for you, your Transformational Journey can include the special opportunity to share space and energy with
our two beautiful horses, Dakota (Dax) and Ulrike (‘Rika).
These gentle, non-judgmental beings provide a unique presence that supports us in exploring issues impacting our lives.
It’s an extraordinary experience that enhances
the transformative process.