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W·I·L·D Transformational Journey

a carpet of bluebells beneath a group of trees

Do you dream of living a Life of purpose 
feeling fulfilled
being true to yourself
and experiencing the well-being and vitality
that you know, deep down, could be yours…?

Are you experiencing a chronic health or emotional issue, for example aches and pains, fatigue, eczema, IBS, anxiety?

Have doctors told you that all they can do is help you manage this condition?

Are you longing for something more:

  • a deeper understanding of what’s going on in your body
  • an ability to tune in, listen to and interpret the messages it’s sending you
  • tools you can use to enhance your self-care practice, helping you to learn, grow and heal
  • the freedom to just be yourself and to enjoy life!

Sound familiar?

  • Have you explored lots of different ways to improve your wellbeing, but despite all the things you’ve tried, very little seems to be changing?
  • Have you been telling yourself that you ‘should’
    – change your diet, or
    – make lifestyle changes
    but it all feels overwhelming and you just don’t know where to start, or which options are right for you?

If so, read on…

Did you know that the body doesn’t make mistakes? It’s always just doing its best to try and help us feel safe.

Also, we have within ourselves a deep well of resources to draw on, in any situation, it’s just that sometimes, when we experience a trauma*, we ‘forget’ and temporarily lose access to this support. This means that we can find ourselves unable to process the trauma – that is, come to an understanding of what happened and its impact on us and be able to integrate this learning so that we can release the emotional charge of the event. When this happens our body holds the memory within our cells and tissues, ready for a time when we can reconnect with our resources and have the space to process what happened.

However, if this doesn’t happen, the held trauma can, over time, lead to dis-ease.

But our body – a very wise and bio-logical system – itself holds the key to gently unpacking our traumas, enabling us to address them in the ways that work best for us as an individual. It shows us, through our symptoms, what’s going on and how to address the issue. In doing this we:

  • learn more about who we really are, on a heart and soul level
  • develop deeper self-compassion
  • begin to set ourselves free from the baggage from our past
  • experience a greater sense of wellbeing, purpose and joy in our lives!

* When referring to trauma I include the ‘Big T’ traumas that we all recognise, such as a motorway pile-up, war or sexual assault, and also the ‘little t’ traumas such as the way a parent looked at you, how a teacher spoke to you or how your boss humiliated you – those things we often brush under the carpet but that, over time, can lead to us feeling diminished, isolated and anxious.

I’m very aware that starting out on a journey like this can feel very daunting at first – it certainly did for me!

We often have a sense that our issues are big and scary and painful, and that therefore the answers will be big, and scary, and painful…

In fact, this isn’t the case!

You’ll probably actually be surprised at how ‘simple’ the solutions can be. You might even think that they’re too simple!

But it’s these simple steps, done consistently over time, and adopted into your daily routine, that help to shift your whole way of looking at – and interacting with – the world around you, bringing you greater freedom, wellbeing, joy and comfort within your own skin.

It’s also very much about making the process fun!

So, if you’re ready to find out more – let’s have a chat!

image of Robyn Harris talking with someone I'm working with, standing on the decking around the Equenergy cabin with the woods in the background.

No more searching or feeling that you’re going round in circles. 

It’s time to feel confident and have greater clarity on how to take the action that’s right for you!

image shows Robyn Harris working with someone and talking through one of the tools that I use

No more frustration. 

 Discover the root cause behind your dis-ease and how you can create more supportive practices to achieve the results you long for.

image shows Robyn Harris explaining a colour tool that I use in my work

No more holding yourself back

It’s time to know that you are enough!  
Give yourself permission to grow and feel fulfilled.

“I will always be grateful to Robyn for the experiences she shared with me, in a safe and loving environment … She taught me so much and awakened my soul and mind in many ways. What I came away with, was the belief that I could be whomever I wanted to be.”


image of the cover of the Equenergy W·I·L·D Way guide to start feeling better - right now
To help kick start this process, I’d love to share with you my ‘W-I-L-D way to start feeling better – right now!‘  This offers 4 simple steps that you can follow to help shift you into a more uplifted energy – and stay there.  Sign up here
The 2 Equenergy horses, Dax and Rika
If it feels right for you, your Transformational Journey can include the opportunity to spend time sharing space and energy with our 2 horses, Dakota (Dax) and Ulrike (‘Rika).   These beautiful animals offer a gentle, non-judgmental presence that can support us in exploring issues that are having an impact on our lives.