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So, it’s official, we have exchanged contracts and the removal vans are booked for 2 weeks’ time!  It has felt like a long wait and I can hardly believe that we’ll soon be in our new home.

It’s been a very busy time with sorting, packing, recycling and getting rid of years’ worth of stuff.  This is a wonderful fresh start for us!  I feel lighter and energised – and just the right thrill of ‘scary’ to make it all exciting.  But the wait has been a challenge – trying to stay positive, to not get stressed, and to know how much to pack when we didn’t have a definite move date.

There have been some legal issues to sort out and at times we wondered if it would all fall apart and we’d lose the house.  We reached a low point last week as yet another proposed exchange date went by, and we lost our slot with the removal company.  I went to the yard and sat with the horses and started to visualise the steps towards successfully getting through this whole process.  I even put together a text to my husband:

That was the start of a shift for me.  I believe that if we focus on something, by The Law of Attraction we will get more of that thing.  This works both for the things we want, but also the things that we don’t want – it’s all about the flow of energy.  Where attention goes, energy flows.  So if I’m spending all my time thinking about something I don’t want, I’m feeding that energy and attracting more of it to me.  I realised that I’ve been doing this with our move – worrying that it will never happen, getting upset about the missed deadlines, grumbling about the lack of communication from our solicitor.  So instead I started to focus on how wonderful it will feel to hear that we’ve exchanged, to receive the keys on completion and to actually be moving into our new home.  I made the image as colourful as I could and included as many senses and emotions as possible:

  • the elation of receiving good news
  • the fizz of excitement
  • the flurry of packing
  • the decisions of unpacking
  • the rooms taking shape with our furnishings.

Doing this makes it all the more ‘real’ and encourages the Universe to come into line with the images and to make them happen.

This move means that Dax will be able to live with us, rather that at livery.  Because of this, we’ve been on the hunt for a companion for him.  Being a herd animal, horses need company, preferably of their own kind.  I wanted a mare this time, as Dax gets on well with girls.  Mares often make good herd leaders too, and I feel that Dax could do with a horse who will look after him and perhaps help him to learn more about boundaries.

One of the lovely women on our yard, Liz, has very kindly offered us a horse that we hope will be a good fit.  Ulrike (known as Eureka) was a brood mare and had a series of 7 foals.  She then was put to the stallion again but didn’t conceive, so her owners decided that she was no longer of use to them and they were going to give her up for meat.  At this point she was rescued by Liz’s daughter and has been living happily as part of their herd for a few years now.  Their herd has grown in size and due to time commitments Eureka hasn’t been getting the attention that they would like to give her, which is why she is now coming to live with us and Dax.  She is such a gentle and giving soul that we’ve fallen in love with her!

So we’re now the proud owners of a house in the country surrounded by 8.5 acres.  This is quite a lifestyle change for us as we will need to manage the land and care for the horses.  In fact we’re off there shortly to learn all about how to drive the tractor and work all the attachments.  My husband is so excited – he’s even got his John Deere cap ready for the occasion!

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