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​​I love using the lessons I've learnt from horses

to support people in reconnecting with Nature, 

in order to de-stress and create greater balance and wellbeing​,

so that they can rediscover their unique strength, freedom and joy

I feel privileged to have met Robyn and been her client.

I had recently stopped smoking and was generally

feeling at a low ebb, drained emotionally and physically.  

Robyn's healing in those four sessions helped me so much

to restore emotional and physical confidence.

During and after each cathartic session, I was left with

an inner glowing feeling of self worth.
Thank you so much Robyn for all that you did.  
I recommend Robyn wholeheartedly.
Geraldine McNamara 

I work, mainly, with women aged 30-55 and based in and around the Bristol and South Gloucestershire area, who are experiencing some form of stress or discomfort. 

Together we explore ways in which they can take back control in order to create the joy and fulfilment they’ve been longing for.  It’s so inspiring, watching these women turn things around to discover a whole new zest for Life.

"Making time for the 'little things', like play, rest and fun,

is so important for wellbeing."

Robyn Harris

My work is focused on Energy and the 'tools' that I use are:

  1. META-Health
    ​this is a great place to start as it enables you to uncover the root cause behind a dis-ease
    and then to address it directly in order to clear it allowing the body's own healing systems
    ​to work more effectively.  
    You can read more in this article ​or watch a short video.

  2. Mindfulness
    Nature has so much to teach us about mindfulness ​and being present.  ​Spending quiet time:
       - in the woods with the trees, listening to the leaves and smelling the rich earth
       - by the sea shore feeling the ​​wind on your face and watching the sun sparkle off the water
            with an animal and feeling the stillness of their energy
       - eating a piece of juicy fruit and tasting its sweetness
    can do so much for our sense of wellbeing!

    See more in this brief guide to mindfulness.

  3. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or 'tapping'): 

    ​this helps to release the blockages in a person's energy system which give rise to dis-ease, eg emotional issues, limiting beliefs / behaviours and an inability to live life harmoniously. 
    The resulting symptoms can be either emotional and / or physical.  When these blockages have been released the person is able to return to balance ​and health.  
    You can see more in this video.​​


  1. Reiki / Energy healing*:
    ​This is a beautiful and gentle way of encouraging the body's natural systems to work towards restoring harmony, balance and wellbeing. ​It can be used to support many issues including:
  2. Nutrition: I believe passionately in using food as a way of building health and vitality. It can support us in so many ways when we understand how our bodies respond to, and use, the things that we eat and drink.  As with all things, this is about balance, and it is also about
    having the information we need in order to make the choices that are right for us.

    ​(I also sell products to support healthy eating - including
    sports nutrition - alongside a wide range of vegan skin and
    products.  Contact me to find out more.)

Using a tailor made approach we can create a bespoke package to boost

your wellbeing, energy and vitality, giving you that wonderful glow of good health.​​​

​I would just like to say thank you so much for sharing your time and expertise

creating my META-Health report. 
Following an amazing energy healing session with you I was very keen to learn

about META-Health as well, I sent you quite a vague list of previous issues and

illnesses and you were able to put together a detailed report that was really

fascinating. I never realised that everything could be linked together and I'm

blown away by what you told me and how it connects with the emotional side

of my life. 
You also gave some great tips and advice on how to rectify some of these issues,

I am so grateful for this Robyn, its helped me to understand a lot things about myself!
I highly recommend everyone has a META-Health check with you!  You are amazing!
Thanks again 

    Helen Pinkett




"Find what 'makes your heart sing' and include more of that in your life"

Robyn Harris

    Work with Robyn this far has centred around a general re-balancing, 
    and has been hugely fulfilling and successful for me. It is quite amazing
    what Robyn can tell about my body and my experience of her work 
    through what she does .... As well as doing such incredible healing Robyn 
    is also a wonderful person, and knowledgeable in her work. 

         Katherine Jennings 

You can read some examples of people that I've worked with here

"Your heart knows what is right for you.

It knows your purpose.

Relax and let it guide you.

Just let go and enjoy the adventure!"

Robyn Harris

*Please be aware that I do not

  • diagnose illnesses
  • prescribe medication
  • promise any particular outcome or cure