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Whatever You’re Feeling Right Now, it’s OK (part 2)

Having taken some time out (see part 1) I now feel more grounded and centred again.  This means that I feel I have a more solid base from which to create and to Be, both for myself and for my practice.  I have used this creativity to make some new posts – and even videos, which stretches me right out of my comfort zone! – to share on social media, with the aim of sharing ideas for anyone who is finding this time challenging. 

(You can find these posts on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn)

So, don’t worry if you seem to be swinging from one emotion to the next at the moment, even to the point of experiencing the whole spectrum in one day!  There are so many unanswered questions, so much uncertainty, right now, that feeling like this is perfectly normal.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to ‘think positive’ (you can see why in this blog).  I’m all for looking for the positives and the opportunities within any challenge, but we also need to be real and authentic.  Trying to force ourselves into any feeling is not good for our wellbeing.  Instead, this is a great time to practice some self-compassion in order to be able to create a space where we feel safe, and where we can start to be comfortable with our own discomfort.

I know that I’ve had moments when my heart just feels so heavy.  Sometimes I can’t put my finger on a specific reason for this, but I’ve come to trust that that’s ok.  Somewhere in my being there is a wisdom that knows, and that can be enough in the moment.  Perhaps in time I’ll be able to put the feelings into words, perhaps not, but if I can take the time to sit with how I’m feeling, and stay open, then my body knows how to heal itself and will naturally go into a state of rest and repair when I can give it the time and space to do this.

It’s also worth noting that any feelings you’re experiencing at this time might not be (entirely) your own.  Coronavirus is a world-wide pandemic, affecting people in every corner of the globe, and therefore having an impact on the mass consciousness. (If you’re interested in this concept, take a look at what Rupert Sheldrake has to say about morphic fields.)  Whether or not we’re aware of this, it has an effect on how we feel.  People have varying levels of sensitivity and awareness, but I’m sure you have been able to pick up on the ‘atmosphere’ in a room when you walk in – that’s a result of the energy in the room.  So, be forgiving towards yourself if your emotions seem to be ‘all over the place’ at the moment – it could, at least in part, be due to the energetic atmosphere that we find ourselves in.

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