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Whatever You’re Feeling Right Now, it’s OK (part 3)

These feelings can become overwhelming and between this and the current ‘lockdown’ restrictions, we can feel, metaphorically, like we’re ‘drowning’ or ‘struggling to breathe’.  If this resonates for you, I invite you to try some breathing exercises, or to use this tapping technique to help yourself feel more comfortable.

If you find yourself feeling lost, directionless or overcome with a sense of pointlessness, again this is a normal reaction to the uncertainty of the situation, however it’s also a great opportunity.  By this I mean that it’s a chance to tune in and see what information these feelings might hold for you; to reconnect with yourself and to navigate from your own inner compass.  If you’d like to know more about how to do this, I recommend attending my workshop on how to Stop Striving – Start Thriving!.  The next available date can be found here, or contact me to book a date and time that work for you.

If you sense that the feelings are coming from your mind, they could be due to the expectations of others rather than your inner self.  In this case you could review your reasons for doing what you do – your ‘Why’ – to reconnect with these and see if they still resonate for you.  This will help you to feel grounded, centred and aligned once more.

If you sense that the feelings are coming from your heart, or spirit, then look again at your values and see where you could make choices and take actions that are more in line with these.  Doing this will enable you to regain your sense of Who You Really Are, and of purpose and direction.

You might also be finding yourself unable to focus, or that you’re slipping into habits that you wouldn’t normally engage in, or that you thought you’d left behind, such as smoking or snacking on sugary foods.  Again, these are normal behaviours at stressful times in our lives.  Please don’t beat yourself up.  Just notice that it’s happening, explore the feeling or emotion behind the behaviour, and the need underlying the feeling. 

For example, is it worry, boredom or feeling a lack of connection with others?  How might you be able to address this in a way that supports yourself?  This could be by moving your body to shift your energy; calling a friend for a chat or doing something fun to lift your mood.

Or are you feeling adrift and needing some grounding?

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